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Patrick Goodman, Sophomore English and economics & finance double major, from Sterling, Mass.

If you’ve been attending rugby games or various University of Dallas spirit events this school year, it’s likely that you’ve seen Patrick Goodman along the sidelines snapping some quality photos. You know, the guy who’s responsible for a good chunk of your tagged pictures on Facebook. Though this is only his second semester at UD, Goodman has quickly become one of the most well-known people on campus.

After spending almost two years at Providence College in Rhode Island, Goodman decided to make some changes.

“I simply wasn’t happy,” Goodman said regarding his reasoning for transferring to UD. “I wasn’t set on my career path, hadn’t surrounded myself with a solid group of friends, and my faith was nonexistent. I just felt that I was spinning my wheels and couldn’t seem to gain traction.”

Patrick dropped out of Providence in February of 2017 and it wasn’t until mid March that he decided to apply to UD.

“My parents went here in the ’80s and my brother graduated in 2016, so I was familiar with the school,” Goodman said in response to the “why UD?” question. “It just seemed like the right fit. I was determined to regain my faith, experience a true liberal arts education, and form the friendships that I was so desperately missing at Providence. Ultimately, I wanted a fresh start, and moving halfway across the country seemed like the best way to restructure my life and find happiness.”

So did UD live up to Goodman’s expectations?

“I couldn’t be happier than I am now at UD,” he confirmed. “The education, the friends and the entire environment has made me feel at home. I have finally reintegrated myself into my Catholic faith and have begun forming the friendships that I know I will keep forever. It’s hard to even describe the position I was in a year ago. My life has done a complete 180 degree turn and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.”

Because he falls within the same age group as the sophomores and juniors but shares his class schedule with many of the freshmen, Goodman has been exposed to students in all of the classes.

“Being a sophomore in terms of credits, but entering my third year of college, I feel that I connect most with the sophomores and juniors. However, I also have freshman friends through orientation and the Core, as well as connections to the seniors. One of the things I love the most about UD is the ability to find friends across grades. Everyone is genuine and open to conversations, which allows you to meet a wide array of people. The community is tightly knit, and it’s been wonderful to be welcomed into it.”

Goodman’s love of photography has added greatly to the UD community. Since his arrival, he’s captured many sentimental moments from UD’s spirit events and provided the student body with photos of their fondest memories — and quality material to post on Instagram.

“I started photography back in June. I wanted a creative hobby, and it tied into my work during the summer. I helped run the social media/marketing department of a landscaping company, and my love of photography just grew from there. When I came to UD, I got involved with the newspaper and met the fellow photographers on campus.”

UD’s realm of photography continues to blossom amongst the community, despite its lack of an official photography program. Goodman confirms that he has found many friends who share his love of photographs.

“While my photos and my studies don’t overlap greatly, I find that the creative outlet I have through my camera has greatly improved my overall experience at UD. I’ve met many other creators and artists, and it’s those friendships that I find the most fulfilling, as they allow me to expand my artistic abilities and take part in a community.”


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