Player Profile: J.P. Hasson


J.P. Hasson, a freshman politics major, has been a huge asset to the men’s lacrosse team this season. The team has seen a huge turn around compared to other seasons, ending with a 6 – 7 record, with Hasson being one of the top two scorers on the team.

Coming from a soccer playing family, Hasson started out playing soccer, before quickly deciding to switch gears from soccer to lacrosse in grade school. He said that the skill set for lacrosse was something that came more naturally to him.

“J.P. is the hardest-working person I know, and it shows in his success both on and off the field,” older brother and University of Dallas alumnus Peter Hasson said.

Although he didn’t have intentions of playing at the collegiate level, being able to play at UD is what J.P. refers to as, “the cherry on top because playing was definitely something I wanted to do, but it wasn’t crucial. I was coming here mostly for the politics program.”

With new players like Hasson and the leadership of their coach and captains, the dynamic of the lacrosse team has shifted both on and off the field. Hasson emphasizes how family-orientated the team is. Before each game, the team warms up by listening to “Electric Pow Wow Drum,” by A Tribe Called Red, and then says a quick prayer to our Lady of Victory. Each player also has an individual handshake with everyone else on the team.

“Coach really emphasizes how family and school come before lacrosse,” Hasson said. “It’s nice to have a coach that cares about school, but is also committed to the game.”

In the coming seasons, Hasson says that they’re working on maintaining the strong defense that they had this season, and hope to improve on their offense.

“[We’re still] a very young team and we’re just looking to gain experience,” Hasson said. “I think a lot of our growth will come when our offense improves.”

As for himself, despite already being a valuable player to the team, Hasson has set goals for himself to increase the success of the team in coming seasons.

“I’m hoping to become a better passer,” he said. “In high school I was expected to take most of the shots for my team, and adjusting to a college game where I have a lot of great players surrounding me like Tucker [Jameson], or Jake Frederick or Tyler Smith, I’m having to realize that it doesn’t have to be on me, and that’s been nice to realize.”

Hasson will continue to help the lacrosse team succeed in the seasons to come, especially with the mindset that he has towards the game.

“[Ultimately it’s] playing for the glory of God in a way where you’re playing so you can set an example in terms of character and leadership,” Hasson said. “I want to set an example, and if this is where my gifts lie, I’m going to use them for God.”


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