Landscaping underway around Haggar and Farrell


Construction has been ongoing between Cardinal Farrell Hall and Haggar University Center since the end of Easter break. According to visuals posted in Haggar overlooking the construction, a new garden and two sidewalks will be put in place between the buildings.

The visuals describe seven distinct plants which will be planted: Japanese maple “bloodgood,” white dogwood, oakleaf hydrangea, encore azalea “autumn royalty,” holly fern, wood fern, and purple wintercreeper.

Both the Japanese maple and the white dogwood will be 8-foot trees. The white oakleaf hydrangea and pink encore azalea flowers, as well as the holly and wood ferns, will be planted throughout the garden. The purple wintercreeper, along with seasonal plants, will be featured in 4 foot pots near the sidewalks and turf.

The Cap Bar patio will remain intact throughout construction, and although the plans do not indicate the return of the metal tables in that area, they do illustrate a sitting area with decorative granite bordering Haggar. In addition, there will be two granite pathways lined with steel edges between two sections of turf.

These new garden plans continue this semester’s theme of making the Haggar University Center’s new entrance more elaborate, as well as redeveloping the area surrounding Cardinal Farrell Hall.

Facilities was unavailable for comment on the project.


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