HOUD: Amy Federer


A month away from having a business major with an ethics concentration, Amy Federer  has undoubtedly shown her interest in making the world a better place. Between her involvement with the school, pursuit of ethical causes, and going the extra mile to be kind and vibrant to other students, it’s hard to imagine Federer ever being bored. But her busyness does not stem from a drive to be impressive or accomplished — it is abundantly clear just how deeply she cares for the causes she pursues.

“I became involved with Crusaders for Life (CFL) my freshman year and it has been a passion of mine ever since,” Federer said. “I have always been anchored in this cause. In junior year of high school, we had a really big social justice project where we were required to pick an injustice and find a bill in the house or senate that was fighting the injustice long term. My twin, Allison and I chose to support HB 298 which would require women to see their ultrasound at least 24 hours before their scheduled abortion.

“A bill like HB 298 is very important because … abortion-minded women who see their ultrasound change their mind. We wrote to our state representatives and senator, wrote a petition with 100 signatures, and raised [over] $800 for Missouri Catholic Conference, who was aiding the lobbying for the bill.”

It is easy to see just how much work Federer has done for the cause throughout her youth, but she attributes a lot of the success of the projects to her colleagues.

“I would not have been able to do it without the other officers or the pro-life training I have received through the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for college pro-life leaders with Texas Right To Life,” Federer said. “In the past two years, we went from not having club meetings to meeting every other week with three to four speakers a semester — some of which have included State Representative Matt Rinaldi giving a legislative update [and] Destiny De La Rose talking about what it is like to be feminist and pro-life.

“In the summer, I was pretty adamant about getting CFL on social media, which has helped CFL significantly. One thing that I am most proud of has been being able to aid CFL into becoming a more well rounded club that focuses on variety of life issues.”

Federer hopes to continue to work for the cause after her graduation in the fall. But until then, there are a few things that are keeping her on her toes. She loves sports,  style and fashion. Her bubbly and personable demeanor lends itself perfectly to both social and theatrical events.

“I am very excited about Spring Formal, it’s one of my favorite events that CAB puts on,” Federer said. “And Senior Studios. I love the studios. I am in one and we have a such a fun cast. We are excited to put it on.”

Federer’s truly sunshiney personality lights up the lives of many, and she attributes this vest for life and love for her world to her faith and “an affection for people.”

Her shining personality and innate kindness will be greatly missed on campus in the fall, but the world will be a better place with her can-do attitude and passion for ethics in it.



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