HOUD: Tommy Schuberg


Tommy Schuberg

Major: Economics

Hometown: Camarillo, Calif.

Even though the University of Dallas’ mascot is technically the Crusader — and unofficially the Groundhog — junior Tommy Schuberg has become the mascot for his class. With his charismatic personality, great sense of humor and reputation as a golf superstar, Schuberg is well loved by many.

Though he has changed his major since his arrival at UD in 2015, the three-year-old nickname “Tommy Physics Pro Golfer” has endured. Despite the recognition that he has somewhat reluctantly received, Schuberg has maintained humility.

When chatting with him on the Mall or in class, you’d never know that there’s a Facebook fan club page dedicated to him. Some might even say that his humility is the cause of his fame — it’s almost as if his peers have taken notice of him because of it.

But how could they not? Schuberg is well-versed in many subjects and interests, making him well rounded and easy to relate to. His passion for golf has given him a certain level of class and inspired the “Pro Golfer” portion of the nickname.

“I started playing golf with my dad and grandpa at a pretty young age, probably around when I was three or so,” Schuberg said. “As soon as I got my driver’s license, I started practicing a lot more, but I wasn’t able to play competitively for my high school because it was so small and didn’t have a team. I was stoked when the UD golf coach let me walk on freshman year, and that’s when it got serious for me.”

Despite the fact that some still call him “Tommy Physics,” Schuberg is, in fact, no longer a physics major.

“Not only were the advanced math classes tough, I just wasn’t enjoying myself.” Schuberg said. “I was so excited to study math when I started here at UD, but I slowly realized that the pure math major wasn’t what I was looking for in a mathematics program. I switched to economics and finance and finished a concentration in applied math, because I figured what little knowledge I had about math principles could help me in those other fields. I considered transferring schools freshman year to study in a different math program, but I had made too many great friends here to easily leave.”

And thank God he didn’t transfer. What would the student body be without him? The fan club would have to disband, and many students would lose a good friend. Thankfully, Schuberg has maintained his love for the UD experience and has been continually strengthened through it, especially through the friendships he has made.

“I’ve loved the UD experience so far,” Schuberg said. “Sure, the classes here are famous as great examples of a liberal arts education, but I feel like the atmosphere and friendships at UD are undoubtedly what have most affected me.”

Schuberg said his favorite UD memory was when his best friend Joe Pelletier got back from Rome. Even though many things change throughout the course of a UD educational experience — majors, interests, etc. — the friendships stay true and steadfast.

“I was studying for finals in 3rd floor SB, and I was kind freaking out because I wasn’t nearly ready for the end of the semester,” Schuberg said. “But when he showed up a month earlier than he said and surprised me, he made my week, and I just kind of forgot about all the work I had left to do.”



  1. That photo caught Tommy with little bit of reverse chicken-wing there, reminiscent of Old Tom Flaherty. Give him a mulligan.


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