Class of 2022 is ready to thrive at UD


The theme of the class of 2022’s orientation was “Thrive,” a call to grow academically, socially, and spiritually throughout the next four years.

The freshmen’s eagerness to get involved at orientation and during these first few weeks shows that they are more than ready to thrive in this new environment.

Junior Rose Dougherty, one of the orientation leaders, was pleased by the turnout for a service event where students stuffed and delivered 500 care packages to a homeless shelter

“This freshman class seems interested in being involved,” Dougherty said.

Dougherty also noted the freshmen’s excitement about jumping into the Core curriculum.

“Multiple people have pointed out that they have seen the freshmen reading the Iliad before classes even started [for the semester],” she said.

“People were really taken aback by this and thought the freshman class was super nerdy, but I haven’t met a lot of nerdy freshmen. I think it’s more that they’re really excited about being here.”

Freshman Natalie Lett, an art major, has already gotten involved by joining the Ultimate Frisbee team, and she expressed a desire to “step up” during the coming years and become a leader in different groups, possibly even becoming an orientation leader.

The class of 2022 has a total of 377 students, which is 49 students short of last year’s 425 students, the largest entering class in school history. This year’s average high school GPA is 3.8, average SAT 1220, and average ACT is 27, matching past years for high achievement among incoming students, according to Michael Probus, director of undergraduate admission.

Lett was attracted by the rigorous academics at The University of Dallas

“I was drawn to UD because of the academics, the curriculum, and the people,” she said.

This class is an active one, with 31 percent playing sports, beating the record of 25 percent in the last freshman class.

Additionally, 59 percent of the freshmen are from Texas.

Though this freshman class is smaller than that of last year, it seems they will make up for it with their eager attitudes.

“They have enthusiasm for what they’re doing here,” Dougherty said. “If you’re gonna be at UD, you’re probably more nerdy that the average person, but the point is what our education is and the kinds of people it attracts. I think they’ve attracted good people this year.”


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