Soccer field construction almost complete


Finishing touches are being applied on the new soccer fields as construction is nearly complete. The new soccer field, which was formerly the lacrosse field, gives the men’s soccer coach, David Hoffmann, the space he needs to eventually build his grand plan.

“[I envision] expanded stands with cover for shade, an expanded bench area for the players, a filming terrace for the SID, and new locker rooms closer to the field which include a lounge and film area inside,” Hoffman said.

For now, the funds provided by Solar Soccer Club allowed for the soccer field to be stripped of the old grass and provided with many interesting features.

The new match field now has underground drainage, it has been laser leveled along with the practice field, the irrigation system was redone, and the field is now larger in width and length. Not to mention that for the first time University of Dallas soccer will have lights on their fields.

Sophomore goalkeeper Caleb Strange commented on the deal with Solar and the addition of the lights.

“It’s a great opportunity for the school to be seen by quality local players and not be the only school in the SCAC without lights,” Strange said.

Hoffmann added an interesting fact about the new lights.

“The lights are very energy efficient LED,” Hoffman said. “Playing one game under the lights would be equivalent to just running the dryer at your house once.”

The cost of the new improvements to the field was not cheap, and the lights for the field cost $250,000 alone.

Currently, the school is seeking naming rights for the field, which could include a sponsorship to bring in additional funds in order to add to Hoffmann’s vision.

Solar will begin practicing on the field on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Once the UD men’s soccer season is over, Solar will start playing games on the UD field.

UD men’s and women’s soccer both have their first SCAC match this upcoming Friday at home against SCAC newcomer Johnson and Wales at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively. The men’s game will be the first SCAC soccer game on the new field.


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