Volleyball team gives back to community


While most students at the University of Dallas had the luxury of spending their Labor Day weekend relaxing at the pool, catching up on studies, or spending time with friends, the University of Dallas volleyball team did something a little different. On Sept. 3, the team loaded up and traveled to Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, where they spent a day doing service.

“As a newer coach to University of Dallas it is important in the volleyball program to give back to the community,” said Head Coach Kelli Trautmann. “I attend services at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, so I was able to reach out to them that the volleyball team wanted to give back. They were very grateful and it worked out not having classes on Labor Day so that was the day we gave our time helping them.”

“[When we got there] we split into groups; one group washed the windows of the church and the other weeded the prayer garden,” said Sarah Hughes, a senior defensive specialist from Fair Oaks, Calif. “We worked together with a few members of the parish and had lunch with them.”

The team worked in the hot sun and formed relationships that transcend the divides of separate denominations. Showing kindness and supporting one’s neighbor is a practice that should be exhibited on all days, even public holidays. Through this community service project, the team showed they could be “good sports” off the court as well as on.

“It’s important for our team to be involved in the community because we want to spread the values of charity and service that we hold at UD all around the community,” said Hughes. “I think it’s important for us as a team to remember to put others first. [One] way we can do that is through community service.”


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