Album review: Vide Noir


Vide Noir by Lord Huron

For Fans of: Vance Joy, Band of Horses

Best time to listen: Writing poems to your unrequited love; engaging in shady business ventures somewhere out past Albuquerque.

Michigan-based, indie-folk rock band Lord Huron returns after a three-year interlude with their new studio album, “Vide Noir. French for “black void,” “Vide Noir” is a fittingly ominous title for an album whose content and imagery ranges from the mundane to the cosmic. At their core, Lord Huron are storytellers (their second album had an accompanying comic book!) with almost every album so far featuring some loose connection to mythology. However, you would be hard pressed to decipher what kind of story Vide Noir is trying to tell. With lyrics that banish demons back to astral planes, and exotic instrumentation featuring sitars, it’s a psychedelic mess in the best way. Despite an increased reliance on drum and bass and the addition of more electronic elements to their previous folk stylings, Lord Huron still keeps to their strengths: creating mysterious ballads fit for either cowboys or wizards. Drop me a line if you were lucky enough to catch them at their show in Dallas. (B+)


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