Album review: TPC by Tokyo Police Club


TPC by Tokyo Police Club

For fans of: Broken Social Scene, Japandroids, Weezer

Best time to listen: When you’re complaining about living in suburbia, but secretly know you’ll miss it when you move away.

Tokyo Police Club has been around since 2005, and it has taken me since then to clear up a few misconceptions about them: they’re not actually a club, they’re a musical group; they’re not actually related to law enforcement; and lastly, they’re from Ontario, which, I have been informed, is not in Japan. Regardless, the group has produced some of my favorite albums of the mid-2000’s, and in the decade since, they have honed their personal sound, straddling the line between shoegaze and actual rock. heir best asset is lead singer and bassist David Monks, whose lyrics and vocal range somehow consistently conjure images of teenage romance and heartbreak, despite being 31. The band’s latest offering is TPC, a technically competent album which hits all the marks  the band’s fans have come to expect from them. Yet with time, age and more cash, this album has a more polished feel to it than than earlier work: the guitar work still has all the ring of their earlier garage years, and the drumming remains consistent, but the completed product feels expensive and new, which is a departure from their earlier, more raw sound. Personal favorites include Can’t Stay Here and Daisy Chain, their most honest attempt at a real love song yet.


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