Keep Your Eyes Ahead, The Helio Sequence


Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Deluxe Edition)

By The Helio Sequence

For Fans of: Modest Mouse, Washed Out

Best Time to Listen: Trying to solve the murder of Laura Palmer while navigating a cast of eccentric Cascadian locals.

Oregon-based indie duo “The Helio Sequence” has been making music for the better part of two decades, perfecting a melancholic, ethereal sound one might associate with that perpetually rain-soaked part of the country. In that time, the Helio Sequence and other Pacific Northwest rock stalwart, Modest Mouse, have had a symbiotic relationship, sharing

drummer and keyboard player Benjamin Weikel, while also touring together. Still, it was Helio Sequence’s 2008 release, “Keep Your Eyes Ahead”, which truly cemented their rock credentials. Combining one part radio-friendly pop, and one part earnest, soulful lyrics by way of Bob Dylan, “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” sounds just as brilliant now as it did a decade ago. To celebrate this occasion, Sub Pop Records has decided that we are worthy enough to receive a special reissue of this seminal album, featuring remastered audio and previously unheard acoustic versions. Give “Broken Afternoon” a try for its interpretation of the Passion of Christ, or opening track “Lately,” which is currently in the running for best break-up song of all time.


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