The proposal


If you have been on the internet in the past week, you may have stumbled upon a heartwarming video of a proposal on the Dallas Mavericks’ kiss cam. You may have also noticed the newly engaged couple includes none other than University of Dallas women’s basketball’s own Panda Green.

Green was surprised when her boyfriend Keith Houseworth proposed on Oct. 28 as the Mavericks played the Utah Jazz. The couple was featured on the jumbotron during the third quarter as Green said “yes” to her new fiancé.

Green and Houseworth have known each other since Green’s sophomore year of high school, and started dating in April of this year.

Houseworth purchased the tickets as a six month anniversary present for Green, and made sure to have her parents in attendance as well.

“We had talked about marriage, but he had been giving me signs that it wasn’t going to happen that night,” Green said. “I just thought, ‘okay we’re going to a Mav’s game,’ and I wanted my family to be there, but I didn’t think my parents would be behind me the whole time.”

The video has racked up millions of likes and shares across numerous media platforms.

“I have had a lot of people talk about it,” Green said. “Even in my classes my professors have been pulling up videos of it.”

Time, Bleacher Report, Fox News, Insider, and many other outlets have reported on the story.

Some may not like all the online attention, but Green and her fiancé have gladly taken part in interviews and have enjoyed their proposal’s online popularity.

“I think its funny,” Green said. “It definitely made our proposal one for the books.”

Besides the proposal itself, another Dallas Mavericks fan was sure to make himself noticed on the jumbotron behind the happy couple.

The reaction from “the man in the green hat,” as he has come to be called, is what propelled the proposal into becoming a viral sensation.

Jonathan Miller, “the man in the green hat,” squeezed into the frame as the cameraman captured the couple’s happy moment, and had his ecstatic expression featured directly alongside Houseworth as he got down on one knee.

Miller has been invited to the upcoming nuptials, which will take place on Nov. 1, 2019.


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