Registrar plans to update transcript request process


Many alumni find the process of requesting their University of Dallas transcripts time-consuming and cumbersome.

The Office of the Registrar is working to digitize all student records and update the request process to a more user-friendly, online system, according to registrar Kathy McGraw.

As things stand now, alumni must print and fill out a form, then either scan or mail it in. Once it is received, the registrar can process it quickly, often within a day.

“We don’t really have a backlog,” McGraw said.

The process is generally slowed by the postal system, since there is currently no way to send or receive electronic copies of transcripts.

While the transcript itself is free, there is a processing fee that ranges from $5 to $20, depending on if it is a same-day or next-day rush request; alumni must also pay for postage if they would like express shipping.

Alumna Christine Tucker-Wetzig recently posted a complaint about the transcript request process on the University of Dallas Alumni for Liberal Education Facebook page.

“Can someone local or on staff try to see if this ridiculous process can be changed?” Tucker-Wetzig wrote. “I had my other Bachelors and my Masters transcripts requested, paid for, and delivered within 12 hours. It’s not even funny anymore. I complained 5 years ago. I complained earlier this year.”

Director of Alumni Relations Larisa Thelen said that the Office of Advancement has received five to 10 requests for transcripts from alumni this semester. Her office responds to these requests by referring alumni to the same forms offered by the registrar.

“When alumni need anything, they come to us as the main point of communication,” Thelen said. “It’s logical to think that our office might have some influence over the transcript request process, but we really don’t have any part in it. They have it all handled in the registrar.”  

Thelen said that their office would be happy to coordinate with any new system that the registrar may propose.

McGraw said that their office has found two possible companies that they may be able to work with to institute a new system for online delivery of transcripts, but it will take time to figure out the details and fully complete the process.

They began talking with a company last October, planning to start the set up and implementation over the summer, but lacked the resources at the time. McGraw wrote that she would like to have an electronic option available before next fall, noting that it is often easier to set up new systems like this in the summer.

In the meantime, the registrar’s office is dedicated to improving other aspects of its system.

“We are going to work on getting fillable forms online, both for the transcript request form and for other forms, such as the major declaration form and the add/drop form,” McGraw said.

McGraw also noted that the Office of the Registrar has recently added new features to the course schedule: students can now search by course attributes as well as consult a list of cross-listed courses.


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