Humans of UD: Vince Christianson


Junior English and economics double major from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The University of Dallas is known for its love of literature, its sound curriculum in the Core and its strong focus on the classical education. Unlike many other universities, UD does not offer an array of majors focusing on specific industries; instead, what is found at UD is a secure foundation that allows students to develop analytical reasoning and verbal skills that many students utilize outside the classroom. English and economics major Vincent Christianson has been producing music in his spare time for over eight years, and has released an EP on Spotify called “Parish” featuring four tracks: “You & Me,” “Funny How it Adds Up,” “I’ve Been Taken Somewhere” and “Sometimes I Feel Like.”

Christianson said that no matter where his career takes him, he will continue to make music in his own time. When asked how he has been able to maintain his passion, he attributed his success to “the use of internet.”

Besides the electronic music that he has released on Spotify, Christianson has produced for a few small German labels and done some commercial work.

For the labels, its a mixture of being contacted by them and contacting them,” Christianson said. “The type of music I create has a relatively small community with a lot of activity online, so there’s a lot of interaction between labels and creators.”

“A few resident DJs for a Belgian club heard some of my music online,” Christianson mentioned, adding that they then reached out to ask if he wanted one of his songs included in a mixed artist compilation they were releasing.

“It was as simple as that,” he said.

While discussing his commercial work, Christianson also mentioned his forthcoming track.

“[It will be featured on a] slightly more established English label,” he said. In order to make this happen, he took more initiative and reached out to the label’s owner directly, asking if he would listen to some of his demos.

Upon hearing about the upcoming establishment of the music major, Christianson said that he loved the idea.

“I think music is one of the most underrepresented aspects of the school,” he said. “UD is a talented and artistic community, and adding a music major would also ultimately lead to great elective options for non-music majors. I feel the culture of UD respects the beauty and importance of music and is a culture that could lead to the success of the music major; it honestly seems a bit strange that we do not have one yet.”


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