Tribal restaurant review


Ah, 2019 — filled with fresh beginnings, new classes and the inevitable New Year’s health resolutions looming throughout the month of January and trickling into the early weeks of February, taking a brief interlude for Groundhog, of course. Even though we know ourselves pretty well, we still fall prey to the illusion that we are brand new people once the new year rolls around. Thus, symptoms of the “new year, new me” mentality can be seen everywhere you look — the gym is more crowded, the salad bar line is longer, and people vow to get more sleep, study harder and drink less. Even though these resolutions don’t always last for the remainder of the year, they are nevertheless worthwhile pursuits to strive for.

Considering the only thing I know how to do is run and do yoga, I’m not going to attempt to give gym advice. I do, however, know a thing or two about healthy eating; since I’m essentially intolerant to everything good, I’ve developed a love, and even a reliance, on healthy restaurants in Dallas. One of my recent favorites has been Tribal All Day Cafe in Bishop Arts district because of its bright and airy ambiance, excellent staff and versatile menu. Tribal features everything from salads to smoothies and juices, and fear not, avocado toast. It even has a killer migas bowl and a breakfast sandwich for veggie skeptics.

I’ve been told by everyone under the sun that I’m the only person younger than 80 that genuinely enjoys oatmeal, but my go-to order at Tribal is the tried-and-true Overnight Oats Bowl. It’s perfectly sweet, full of protein and healthy fats and keeps you satisfied and productive for hours. My second favorite dish is the Nourish bowl with added egg, as it is also rich in protein and healthy fats: lentils, avocado, hemp seeds and everyone’s favorite, sweet potatoes, fill the bowl, and the entire thing is drizzled in a tahini-lime dressing that I’ve been trying to perfect for months and still have yet to achieve.

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is to have a bowl of Tribal’s oats, along with either a Goldie latte — turmeric with steamed almond milk — or a Good Morning juice — orange juice with an espresso shot. It sounds gross, but is somehow delicious. I then set up camp and get some schoolwork done for a couple of hours. Even though it can get crowded for breakfast and lunch rushes, the hours in between are relatively quiet and vacant — the perfect atmosphere for working.

Whatever new diet you’re trying for this new year, Tribal has you covered. Brain Brew bulletproof coffee caters to the keto folks, nearly every meal can be made paleo or vegan, toast can be made gluten free and an abundance of juices can take care of that juice cleanse you’ve been wanting to try. With a comfortable ambiance and hospitable workers, Tribal is the perfect place to go to make all your healthy dreams come true.


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