Valentine’s Day dining in Dallas


National Hallmark Day is right around the corner. Colloquially, we refer to this holiday as St. Valentine’s Day, but for all intents and purposes, it’s a day for sentimentality, Hallmark cards and all things pink. Some people take Valentine’s Day as a chance to show their significant other how important they are, while others use it as an opportunity to finally pluck up the courage and ask out that special someone — I mean, not anyone that I’ve known, but hey, I’ve seen movies.

Even outside the realm of romantic relationships, the institution of GALentine’s Day has become a regular practice amongst girl friend groups, and ladies everywhere spend the night together with face masks, chick flicks and their favorite foods.

Some people love it, some people can’t stand it — as I’m writing this, my roommate is groaning “I literally hate Valentine’s Day” — but nonetheless, it comes every year for one day only. If you’re looking for some advice on places to go for dinner — whether your occasion is a romantic date for two or takeout with the gal pals — then look no further.

  1. Ocean Prime; Fancy Level: 10; Romance Level: 10; Distinct Characteristic: The place to go to really impress your date; if you just received a satisfying paycheck and are feeling falsely confident over your financial security, look no further than Ocean Prime for your Valentine’s Day date destination. It is perfect for steak and fish lovers alike and offers your classic blend of upscale and funky. Plus, they have peanut butter chocolate pie for dessert.
  2. St. Martin’s; Fancy Level: 9; Romance Level: 10. Distinct Characteristic: The best champagne brie soup and salmon dishes I’ve ever had, plus a creative cocktail menu. Additionally, the wait staff calls you “madame” and “monsieur.” I spent last Valentine’s Day evening here, and I had to truly force myself to open my horizons and not come back a second year in a row. The food was excellent, the creme brulee was perfectly caramelized and crisp, and the ambiance was flawlessly French. And, to top it off, St. Martin’s is walking distance from Lower Greenville, making after-dinner drinks easily accessible.
  3. Sixty Vines; Fancy Level: 5; Romance Level: 3. Distinct Characteristic: Fantastic pizza for a big crowd, suitable for a Galentine’s Day evening out with friends. With a fabulous mimosa bar, superb wines on tap and a suitable location in chic Uptown Dallas, Sixty Vines is the perfect place to take your fellow gals, or guys, this Valentine’s Day.
  4. Sassetta; Fancy Level: 5; Romance Level: 4. Distinct Characteristic: Extremely hip and photo-worthy interior, with a satisfying color-block menu and delicious cuisine to supplement. Sassetta is the perfect place to go for Valentines and Galentines alike, as it offers a lively and mature vibe without the hassle of fanciness and dress attire. If you and your date aren’t feeling up to an overly upscale night, take a trip downtown to Sassetta and split a thin crust pizza and a bottle of wine with some gelato to finish the night off.
  5. Bishop Cidercade; Fancy Level: 2; Romance Level: 5; Distinct Characteristic: Simultaneously mature and childlike. For our 21+ readers and gluten-free friends, the Bishop Cidercade is the place to be. While many have come across Bishop Cider Co.’s tasting room in Bishop Arts, few have experienced the uniqueness of Cidercade. A fun night for all, Cidercade combines all the fun of childhood arcade games with the deliciousness of their ciders.


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