Player profile: Melanie Savala


Senior education major Melanie Savala finds herself in her last season of softball at the University of Dallas. She recalls never wanting to have played any other sport.

“My dad was really into my siblings and I being in sports,” Savala said. “I started softball when I was around eight years old. It was something that my family did. I tried other sports and wasn’t really into it. I found softball to be what I wanted.”

Savala played softball in high school and was named team MVP in 2014 and 2015, as well as senior captain for the team in 2015. She credits the coaches she had during this time for helping her develop the skills she would bring with her to UD.

“I had some awesome coaches that had my back,” Savala said. “My high school coach played college softball, so as far as recruiting she really helped me out. I played tournament ball with a local tournament team. I had been playing with them since I was pretty young.”

In the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons combined, Savala played in 122 games and recorded 51 RBI, primarily playing third base. She credits consistent practice for her success on the field.

“It’s just practicing hard day in and day out,” Savala said. “Giving it all you got. Every swing shouldn’t be halfway. Every swing should be done to the best of your ability. My teammates work just as hard. They hold me accountable, and I hold them accountable. That’s the player I am today because of the coaches that have inspired me and my teammates.”

Savala commented on one of her favorite memories with the softball program while at UD.

“I would have to say freshman year [when we] took our spring break trip to California,” Savala said. “That was so much fun. The energy was really high. It was an experience I will never forget.”

Finally, Savala commented on what she would say to incoming freshmen who are interested in playing softball at UD.

“I would tell them to keep an open mind,” Savala said. “Make sure that you absolutely know you love softball, because once you hit collegiate softball it’s a commitment.”

While Savala is playing her last season of softball at UD this spring, her love for the game certainly will not diminish.


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