Player profile: Erika Keever


Senior theology major Erika Keever started playing women’s lacrosse because a friend joined the University of Dallas team, which encouraged her to join as well. Today, Keever is a starting midfielder and cornerstone of the offense for the UD Crusaders.

“I actually didn’t join until I got to college,” Keever said. “I played soccer growing up, and when I got here I didn’t really want to play sports. Then my roommate freshman year wanted to join the team, so I joined the team with her, and now I’ve played all four years.”

Keever graduated in 2015 from Nolan Catholic High School where she played soccer. She also received the Marian Award while she was there.

“It definitely prepared me,” Keever said. “I learned a lot of time management skills, because I did soccer in high school. It’s pretty much the similar concept of school all day, practice, and then homework after practice, so I guess that prepared me.”

During the 2018 season, Keever was the team MVP and recorded 22 points and 21 goals, both second on the team. Keever credits practicing the game confidently for her success on the field.

“Definitely keeping your head up in practice and not worrying about making mistakes,” Keever said. “If you are too timid during practice then you’re timid during the game. I work hard at practice, [so] that I work harder during the game.”

Head Coach Destinee Johnson has completed two seasons with the women’s lacrosse program at UD, and has helped players like Keever excel as a top offensive player on the field.

“Before each game we meet a lot during the week talking about the game,” Keever said. “We watch our own film and the [other] team’s film to prepare for what we can do to meet what they’re bringing to us. We always do a pre-game talk in the locker room which always hypes us up.”

Keever commented on what her favorite memory with the women’s lacrosse program at UD is.

“It was when my teammate, Mason Cosgrove, scored her first goal,” Keever said. “She is more of a defensive player, so that’s probably my favorite memory.”


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