Player Profile: Chase Reynolds


Junior business major Chase Reynolds has been playing soccer since he was three years old, and has not taken a break since. 

“I like it too much; it’s too big a part of my life to… just stop after high school,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is from the Dallas area and graduated from a public high school. He loves the school and especially appreciates how kind and welcoming everyone is. 

His teammates mean a lot to him, and every week they undergo 12.5 hours of practice, in addition to two 90-minute games. 

Reynolds said that soccer takes up all of his free time outside of school work and being with friends. He believes in discipline, and almost always finishes his homework before hanging out with friends. 

“I wouldn’t say [the University of Dallas] prioritize[s] the athletes… I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect balance but it’s probably… the balance that student-athletes here need.” Chase added, “people need to understand … we’re here to go to school, but we get to play sports.” 

Reynolds said, however, that though the workload can be challenging, he enjoyed Lit Trad III in spring Rome last year, as well as reading Shakespeare. He also enjoys “Moby Dick”, which he is reading now for Lit Trad IV. 

Reynold’s favorite memories of playing soccer at UD are the home games. He said that it makes a substantial difference to the team when they see their friends spending their Friday nights cheering them on. 

“Home games are a lot of fun… I really like our campus and getting to play here,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds especially loves that his parents can come to home games. To Reynolds, his parents have significantly led him to success the most. 

Reynolds started at UD playing soccer as a freshman and still remembers making it to finals that year as one of his biggest accomplishments. 

Reynolds also was named Co-MVP with Sean Taylor last year, as well as earned USCAA All-American (1st Team) and SCAC All-Conference (2nd Team), according to UD Athletics. Starting every game in his collegiate career, Reynolds led UD in goals (4), assists (4), and shots displayed (12) in his 2018 season. Reynolds has already made two goals in his 2019 campaign. He hopes to one day play pro and always be involved with the sport even as a non-player. 

Reynolds is majoring in business due to UD men’s soccer Coach David Hoffmann’s recommendation. 

Reynolds was coached by Hoffmann in club soccer before they both came to UD. Reynolds often asks Hoffmann, who influenced Reynolds’ decision to attend UD, for advice. 

When Reynolds began his classes in the business program he then realized how much he enjoyed it. His favorite aspect is the variety of possibilities the business field offers. 

With a passion for soccer and a degree in business, Chase Reynold’s biggest goal is to one day own a team or club, in order to use his education and talent to spread his love for the sport.


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