A hard hitting tradition: the student-alumni rugby game


After a tremendous effort and very physical, rough and tumble rugby game against Angelo State University, UD Hoggies took part in the age-old tradition of the student/alumni game on Saturday.

It was an eventful day for the Hoggies, who played both their biggest rivals and their biggest benefactors in the span of four hours. The first game against ASU, historically one of the best teams UD rugby has played and currently one of their biggest rivals, resulted in a final score of 34-26, ASU. The final score of the alumni game was 43-12, with victory going to the alumni.

“It was tough playing back-to-back games,” said senior and starting prop Aidan Killough. “But I couldn’t pass up a chance to lay a few hits on those old geezers.” 

Though the Hoggies were exhausted, spirits remained high throughout the game. In the end, they  could not withstand the fresh team fielded by the alumni.

A tradition practiced by many rugby clubs, the alumni game is an important event that helps to foster a relationship between all members of the club, and gives the alumni an opportunity to play the sport they love with both old friends and new successors.

“It’s a great way of strengthening the bonds between numerous generations of rugby players we have at UD,” said Peter Whisenant, alumni and former UD rugby captain.“It’s a game I’ve always enjoyed playing as a student, but playing it for the first time as an alumnus has given me a newfound appreciation of the tradition.”

The events of the day culminated at the nearby Spirit Bar and Grill, where alumni ranging from age 59 to 2019 graduates, met up with the current team for a celebration of the game of rugby and the club as a whole. 

The Hoggies now look forward to their next game at home on Oct. 26, against the University of Texas, San Antonio.


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