Player Profile: Max Lagarde


Freshman Max Lagardeis from Linden, VA, a town frequently overlooked due to its proximity to D.C. However, Lagarde himself is not to be overlooked as a student athlete at the University of Dallas. 

Lagarde attended high school at Chelsea Academy, graduating from a class of 30. Lagarde was first introduced to running by biking beside his mom while she ran. 

“I originally started running as a way to stay in shape for soccer, but I realized I was better at running than soccer,” said Lagarde, reflecting on what made him join cross-country at Chelsea Academy.

Currently, Lagarde has led the Crusader men in every meet in his freshman debut season.

“Being fast provides me with motivation to keep running,” said Lagarde.

Lagrade chose UD for its academic rigor. Lagarde is a physics major with a concentration in computer science. Balancing 6 a.m. cross-country practices every morning with the UD curriculum is tough, but Lagarde said that running is a relief from studying. 

“Running makes academics a little more difficult because it takes away time I could be spending on homework,” said Lagarde. “But, on the other hand, it helps me press the restart button… There is a sense of accomplishment to finishing a workout. It helps me take my mind off academics.”

At Bethel College, Lagarde ran an 8K in  27:57 and came in 8th place overall. He hopes to run an 8K in 26:30 by the end of the season. For the race at UT Dallas, Lagrade ran a 5K in 17:20, again coming in 1st for  UD runners. Lagrade’s 5K goal is 16:45 by the end of the season. In the future, Lagarde hopes to run a full marathon. 

In his spare time, Lagarde is exploring various clubs and organizations, including swing club and the St. Vincent De Paul Society. Lagarde is also interested in getting involved in the physics club — time permitting. After UD, Lagarde wants to get his master’s degree in mechanical engineering. For the time being, Lagarde runs fast and studies hard.

“I’m excited for the rest of the season and looking forward to continue running with the team,” Lagarde said. 


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