Caf Creations Corner


Hello caf-goers, this is Hailey Guth and Anna Wilgenbusch! Come here to find some crazy creations that you can make from food found in our one-and-only caf!

DIY Pumpkin Pie

1 small baked sweet potato (available on Thursdays)

1 small dollop of Greek yogurt

Small scoop of pumpkin seeds 

5 big shakes of cinnamon 

Squirt of honey

  1. Smile at Ms. Patty
  2. Grab a bowl and a baked sweet potato
  3. Unwrap the sweet potato and make a robot out of the tinfoil
  4. From the yogurt station, add the Greek yogurt and the pumpkin seeds
  5. From the soup station, dump on the cinnamon (spice, spice, baby)
  6. From the coffee station, add a squirt of honey 
  7. Mix it on up! Aww yeah… This is going to be pumpkin to talk about.
  8. For extra pizzazz: chocolate chips, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, MORE cinnamon 
  9. Enjoy this unbe-leaf-leafable treat. It’s too tasty for your own gourd.


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