Crusaders 1, squirrel 0


On Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 29 and 30, there was an unexpected and uninvited visitor in the gym. This intruder was none other than an unnamed squirrel, who declined to comment.

According to Nathan Yacovissi, the University of Dallas sports information manager, the squirrel was seen off and on for two days. The squirrel’s point of entry is unknown and so Yacovissi couldn’t be sure whether the animal was staying in the building or going in and out.

Tuesday afternoon, the squirrel “was out on the gym floor just kind of sitting around and people–different athletes or people who were just around–were trying to work together to get it to leave,” said Yacozissi.

Efforts to lure or chase the squirrel towards the door were ineffective. “[The squirrel] just wouldn’t leave,” said Yacovissi. 

Speedy squirrel removal was critical because the upcoming presidential inauguration was to be held in the gym.  

In addition to the pressure of the presidential inauguration, there was also a men’s basketball home game on Tuesday night.

Although the squirrel was assumed to still be in the building during the game, it did not make an appearance. 

On Wednesday, the squirrel reappeared at the top of the stairs in the gym and men’s lacrosse coach, Keith Loftis, aided in the removal process. 

When asked about the experience, Loftis wrote in an email, “It was quite a harrowing experience and I was in fear for my life, but thankfully I had good men working beside me- Nathan Yacovissi & Jarred Samples (Men’s Basketball).”   

“We utilized advanced tactical skill & cutting edge technology (a cardboard box) to help complete the relocation,” said Loftis. 

According to Yacovissi, the men were able to place a cardboard box over the squirrel and then slid the box towards the door, where the animal was “shoveled out.”

“I’m proud to say there were no human or non-human casualties. It was a good day to be a Crusader and a squirrel!” said Loftis. 


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