Player profile: Cameran Hyde


Coming from Missouri City, Cameran Hyde is a student athlete focused on discipline and teamwork. With a strong work ethic and  a special emphasis on relationship building, Hyde is determined to succeed on the court and in class. 

“For me, basketball is all about mentality.” said Hyde, “We can play with anybody, we can beat anybody with the right mentality.” 

As a senior at Westbury High School, Hyde knew he was going to play for the University of Dallas when he saw the community that head basketball coach Jarred Samples had built. Now, in his second year on the men’s basketball team, Hyde has nothing but praise for his teammates and for the coaching staff.  

“Always play hard for the guy next to you. If you can trust the man next to you and he trusts you, you’re both going to have the right mentality to put points up and secure a win,” Hyde said after a 67-64 win against Colorado College. “I know what it means to push through adversity. You have to focus on what’s in front of you, and keep going in the right direction.”

Hyde is not afraid of challenges. In seventh-grade, he tried out for his middle school’s basketball team and after he didn’t make it, he practiced, worked hard, and made it his eighth-grade year. The lesson he learned in eighth-grade is still very much relevant to Hyde. 

“You can miss a shot, but you have to have the right mentality to come back and make the next one,” he said.

The life of a student-athlete comes with its own challenges; balancing a schedule full of training, practice, games and studying can be demanding. Hyde applies the same standards of hard work and discipline to his sport and academics, to which he credits his success on and off the court. 

“I’m always working,” he said. “I do my homework throughout the day to clear time for projects or training in the evening.” 

As for the future, Hyde has high hopes both for himself and for his team. After graduation Hyde hopes to attend law school and practice law. As for basketball, “the coaches believe in me. The coaches believe in us. We have to come with the same intensity that we came with last year. I have a good feeling about this season, right now it’s us against ourselves. We have to bring the hard work and the right mentality.”


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