Baseball wins two on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day may have been the day before, but the University of Dallas hit enough baseballs airborne the day after to scatter all the residual love in the air. The games took place at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. The first game started out with a bang, with junior Joseph Vondrachek hitting a leadoff double. Senior Nathan Patton brought Vondrachek around with another double, and that run put the first run on the board. 

Howard Payne University responded with a double in the second inning but to no avail– the Crusaders shut them out. Another three innings went by without UD or Howard Payne managing to get a batter across home plate, but the Crusaders pulled further ahead of the competition in the sixth inning. 

Junior Christian Wheatley hit his first RBI, bringing in Andrew Womack, who had brought home Nathan Patton not long before. The Crusaders finished strong in the final inning, rounding the bases four times and doubling Howard Payne’s efforts in the entire game, ending with a  final score of 7-2. 

The next game began with UD rounding the plate once, and then twice in the third inning. Howard Payne made it across home plate twice in the fifth inning, but only after a home run from Vondrachek. The Crusaders made it across home base three times in both the sixth and the eighth innings,but the ninth didn’t give either team any headway. At the end of the game the board read 11-4 in Dallas’ favor, leaving Michael Jaquez happy to report that there’s “nothing much better than coming home with two victories out there in Brownwood and celebrating with some Southern-style barbeque after the games.” 

Junior Chris Wheatley, who had an RBI in the first game, and then two hits and two stolen bases in the second, said he is pleased with his team’s offense.  

“Scorewise I’m pretty happy with the offense,” said Wheatley. “I don’t think we ever played a perfect game defensively, but we’re satisfied with it; it was still a good two games on both ends, even though there’s always room for improvement.” 

Overall, Wheatly is confident in his team’s performance and determination.

“The whole game we felt like we were the better team and confident that we could execute well,” said Wheatly. “We always focused on doing what was best at that exact moment. There were times when we were killing them, but we kept playing hard and didnt let the score dictate how focused we were.”


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