Record-breaking donations on North Texas Giving Day


    Thursday, Sept. 17 was the record-setting 12th annual North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) at the University of Dallas, a day of fundraising and promotion for local nonprofit organizations as well as the single largest day of fundraising for UD.

    The 18-hour online campaign was first conceived by the Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT). Created in 2009 as a fundraising event, its focus is the opportunity to “empower every person to give back to their community by supporting local nonprofits and causes they care about in one easy-to-use platform,” according to the CFT official NTGD website. 

    Since its inception, North Texas Giving Day has raised more than $374 million dollars for local nonprofit organizations. It is one of the largest community-wide philanthropic events in the country.

    Last year on NTGD, UD ranked fourth among beneficiaries in the school category for total donations, which amounted to $101,512, and first in total individual donations to a university, totalled at 431, according to the University of Dallas website. 

    UD entered this year’s NTGD aiming to raise $150,000, linking their online fundraising efforts with CFT, who organized the greater event.

    Before the event started, UD Board of Trustees member Nick Serafy Jr. generously pledged a $50,000 match if the goal of $150,000 was reached. That match was quickly unlocked on a record-breaking day of donations. 

    According to the university’s donation profile on the official CFT website, a total of $338,795 was raised through 618 individual gifts by midnight of the 17, shattering the initial goal and more than tripling the amount from last year. 

    This immense show of generosity from the community saw UD rank first in total donation amount among schools and universities for 2020 ($338,795), as well as sixth in the total amount of gifts (413), according to a write-up about the event on the UD website

    Several individuals who received special thanks included Viveca Serafy, Fanny Sheumaker, BA ’88 MBA ’91, a member of the National Alumni Board, and Phil Sheumaker, BA ’90 MBA ’93. Vice President for University Advancement Jason Wu Trujillo said the matches incentivized many donations from the community. 

    “Their match[es] inspired many others to give generously. Many UD students in need will benefit from this outpouring of support,” said Trujillo.

    President Hibbs’ announced in his presidential update on Sept. 16 that proceeds from NTGD would be directed to the General Scholarship Fund, which will then be immediately distributed to students in need, specifically in light of pandemic-related financial issues. Taryn Anderson, the Director of Financial Aid at UD, was tasked with organizing and overseeing the delegation of support for UD students. 

    Hibbs encouraged students in need to reach out for help.  

    “Your support today can be awarded by (Ms. Anderson) tomorrow,” and are available to students in need, especially in light of the pandemic.  The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday to Friday 8 AM – 5 PM, located on the first floor of Cardinal Farrell. They can be contacted over email at as well. 

    The Communities Foundation of Texas reported a total donation amount of $58.8 million for 2020. 


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