Paid Internship Openings at Rekerdres & Sons


    The content of this article is sponsored by Rekerdres & Sons

    Why intern with Rekerdres & Sons?

    Rekerdres & Sons is an international business-focused insurance agency. It is run by University of Dallas alumni who understand the benefits of a liberal arts education – specifically the ability to think critically upon primary sources within practical real-world business applications.

    After your time at Reksons, we expect you to have a working knowledge of:

    • International sales transactions – the key documents (invoices, letters of credits, etc.) and basic components of a sale (Title / Risk / Payment / Incoterms)
    • Practical understanding of commodities: their supply chain and processing from raw to finished goods and the pricing mechanism of their respective futures markets
    • Governmental restrictions like OFAC
    • Overview of the Domestic and International insurance market place and the role of the various participants – brokers/agents, assureds, underwriters, etc.
    • Exposure to workplace ethics, operations, and collaborations in an open office environment where you work alongside all agency staff and principals.
    • Proper business etiquette through direct contact with world-class insurers and clients from around the World.
    • Practical use of multiple computer programs including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, LotusNotes, and other proprietary software.

    We welcome inquisitive students who want to know how and why behind the work they do and we structure our office to encourage continual learning on the job.

    This is accomplished by working closely with managers to assist in the processing of risk controls for global storage locations, scrutinizing international and domestic shipments, preparing invoices, building claim files, and tracking compliance.

    We have a modern office located near the Galleria with flexible hours to work with your schedule. Our previous interns have rated the experience gained at our office an A+.

    Our goal is to extend your education so you are better prepared to work in the business world!


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