Recent changes in OSA leadership


The University of Dallas community has seen immense upheaval and change occurring in its administration. It goes beyond the upcoming presidential shift. Director of Student Affairs, Seth Oldham, has also resigned from his position, leaving a restructured Office of Student Affairs. Among the changes, UD also welcomed a new Resident Coordinator, Tim Schlich, to the east side of campus.

The Office of Student Affairs was not able to provide any detail about a possible successor for Oldham. In an email to The University News, the Dean of Students, Julia Carrano, clarified the new breakdown of the Office of Student Affairs. 

“For now, the RCs and I will handle conduct matters and residential life, while activities will continue to be coordinated by Moey Brown and housing by Betty Perretta,” Carrano wrote.

Oldham could not be reached for a comment on his decision to leave or on his experience at UD. Although Oldham still appears as director on UD’s OSA staff page, there appears to be no publicly available information regarding a replacement. Oldham has taken a position as director of Student Life at the University of Mary in North Dakota. 

Schlich is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville with a major in communication arts, a concentration in digital broadcasting production and a minor in philosophy. Schlich has experience both as a club leader at Franciscan and as a missionary leader with NET Ministries. 

“I was [both years] in charge of a team of anywhere from 8 to 12 missionaries and I was responsible for taking care of them and also ministering to high school and to middle school students, so I think I learned a lot through that mission work about residence life and how to take care of people,” Schlich said. 

After searching for student life positions at Catholic universities across the country, Schlich settled on UD. 

“I felt like UD and this position and this place and this job would be a great new way for me to continue to grow personally,” Schlick said. 

Schlich noted how welcoming the community was despite being very different from that of Franciscan University. In Schlich’s experience, Franciscan took a more “charismatic” approach to the Catholic faith while UD’s is more “traditional.” 

“One of the things I really love so far about UD is how different it is than what I’m used to but also how friendly and open people are… I’m grateful to be here, I’m excited to meet people, and thankful to God for this opportunity,” he said.


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