Humans of UD: Jackson Isaiah Crutch


From: Tacoma, Washington

Class: Senior

Major: Business, Concentration in I/O Psychology 

For some people, music is passion. For Jackson Isaiah Crutch, it is action.  

“From the time that I could think thoughts, [music] is what I have been thinking about,” Crutch said.

Crutch’s dad, an album producer, was influential in his early interest in music. 

“Growing up, I was always going to studios with him, or seeing him doing something with a mixing board, or breaking something down.”

It wasn’t until he was a teenager that Crutch got the chance to release his own album, entitled “Why Me” (2016). Crutch considers his style contemporary R&B combining pop, blues, soul, electronic, and hip-hop. “Why Me” has a smooth, electronic sound and alternative rhythms. It was recorded over a period of eight months in Tacoma, Washington. 

“I recorded in so many places for the album: on a bus, I recorded in living rooms, trap houses, studios, even the car,” he said.

While Crutch is still proud of his 2016 album, he recently removed it from his Spotify because he is hoping to take his sound and image in a different direction. 

“I was 16 when I made that, so there were a lot of things about it that I don’t think were really representative of the person that I am now anymore, but it was definitely fun.”

Although Crutch moved to Huntsville, Alabama when he was 7 years old, he identifies Tacoma, Washington as his hometown because it made the biggest impact on his life. Crutch moved around a lot in high school, thus colleges were the last thing on his mind during his senior year.

“Honestly, I feel like fate just brought me to UD,” he said. “It had to be God, because I don’t know what I was thinking about my senior year in high school, but it was not applying for colleges.”

In fall 2018, Crutch attended the Rome program. He lists the independent travel and planned activities among his highlights. 

“I actually loved the Rome experience a lot more than I thought I would, especially the things that they planned for us to do. It was really all-inclusive.” 

Currently residing in Addison, Texas, Crutch works part-time at Tommy Bahama, a sportswear company, and has the style to go along with it. In addition to retail, Crutch works from home in marketing and website design for a licensed professional counselor. 

Even his academics have been influenced by his music involvement. Crutch chose to pursue a business major because he wanted to know what is going on behind-the-scenes in the music industry.

“You hear all the stories about these singers or these rappers who go bankrupt or lose all their money,” he said. “I never wanted to be that dumb artist that got played. So I feel like the only way for me to do that was to learn how the business side of things works.”

In the summer of 2020, Isaiah Crutch (his musician name) dropped a new single entitled “Icon.” The song’s eclectic, confident, and fresh sound makes it a fun, catchy listen. In addition to the song, Crutch released a, quite literally, “iconic” music video featuring some well-known landmarks in Dallas. 

After graduation, Crutch plans to gain some stability with a full-time job before trying to get back into recording, but music is always on his mind. 

“I always find a way to work music into my schedule,” Crutch said.

While Crutch is hopeful that he can succeed in entrepreneurship, he recognizes that there are many challenges in the world of business. Overall, Crutch’s attitude is upbeat and optimistic towards the future. 

“I take life, literally, day by day… What’s that saying? Man makes plans and God laughs… my plans don’t work out no way.” 

Check out his music at or search “Isaiah Crutch” on Spotify. 


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