Art Spotlight: “Exit” by Susanna McNichol


“Exit” is oil on-canvas; a depiction of man’s attempts at escapism resulting in the fall and his traversal through the depths bringing him to the truth of the incarnation. 

This was painted during quarantine watching different individual’s response to isolation and the way we are all seeking the heights in different ways. 

Only through passing through the sea of trials and chaos on the boat which is the cross do we reach God’s hand touching man. This is the literal incarnation and the literal, original holliness. This is also our own personal incarnation into who we were created to be.

All the exit signs and door handles are in the sky like trying to exit this world into heaven; it’s an open-ended exit. 

Also included is Icarus falling from heaven in the upper corner. Icarus falling also symbolizes satan falling from heaven. This painting features the same star pattern from the Paradise Lost illustrations 


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