[The half dozen]


1. Music from the Movies. Join the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in celebration of the history of American cinema through its musical scores. Composers create the unimaginable through the sounds of favorite films, films that would not be the same without their music. Limited seats are available for March 5-7 starting at $35. 

2. Rodeo. The American Rodeo is a weekend of the top-10 rodeo athletes competing against everyday cowboys for the biggest payout in rodeo. Join in on the fun the weekend of March 6 and 7 at the AT&T stadium, tickets starting at $20.

3. Virtual Irish Festival. Celebrate the tradition of Irish and Celtic culture with the 39th annual North Texas Irish Festival. Events consist of 6 concurrent live streams of music, dance, storytelling, dogs, horses, a live all-day broadcast of music and bands from Ireland and more. Join the celebration virtually on March 6.

4. The Science of  World Records. Take a peek into the science behind the mesmerizing accomplishments of the Guinness World Records. All around the world, people are accomplishing the strange and the seemingly impossible! The exhibit opens on March 6 at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Ticket prices starting at $13.

5. Queen Nefertari’s Egypt. Take a trip to the Kimbell Art Museum to see one of the most celebrated queens of ancient Egypt and her decorated tomb. The museum website also provides a virtual tour for viewing at home. Hurry, this exhibit closes on March 14. Purchase tickets onsite. 

6. Collaborative Art. A major effect of COVID-19 is the isolation felt when being away from our loved ones. The Cube is an immersive experience created for the socially-distanced era using projections, audio and lights. It aims to ask the audience what community and loneliness mean to them. Tickets start at $20. From now until March 20, reserve a time slot when purchasing your ticket so you will not be outside of your COVID bubble.


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