Volleyball springs into action against Colorado College


On Feb. 27, the University of Dallas women’s volleyball team played their first home games of the season, facing Colorado College twice in one day in the Maher Athletic Center. 

Head coach Kelli Trautmann described the team’s mindset at the start of the first game as focused on “enjoy[ing] the opportunity to play, being with [each other], and go[ing] out and compet[ing].” 

Although the University of Dallas volleyball team fought hard, they were defeated in both games by Colorado College. The final scores of each set of the first game were 18-25, 13-25 and 15-25. The final scores of each set of the second game were 14-25, 20-25 and 16-25. 

Although the Crusaders lost both games to Colorado College, they played well considering the challenging circumstances the team experienced in the weeks before the games. Coach Trautmann said, “[Colorado College] was the fourth team in the nation and to play them first [after] being off due to weather a couple weeks ago [was difficult].” 

However, Trautmann believes that the girls played well despite losing a week of important practice time due to the winter storm. She said that, during the games, “Colorado College [had] aggressive servers and we didn’t have many errors in the backcourt… our serve receive was [also] good.” UD Athletics recorded the Crusader’s back row as having an impressive total of 42 digs during both games while Colorado College had 47 digs overall. 

The UD Athletics webpage listed the Crusaders’ game leaders as Abigail Porras, Faith Daniels, Dayjah Whyte, Isabel Garcia, Rachael Firm, Moriah Delgado, Savannah Walker, Abby Medico and Larissa Ramirez. Porras led the team with six kills and Delgado led the back row with 10 digs.

The Crusader’s volleyball team boasts  promising athletes and Coach Trautmann is hopeful for the remainder of the volleyball season, as well as simply being “grateful for [the] conference figuring out a way for us to compete this Spring due to COVID.” 


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