Bethany Weinand: new OSA staff and Clark RC


The University of Dallas Office of Student Affairs, OSA, welcomed a new staff member, Bethany Weinand, in July to take on the role as the new residential coordinator of Clark Hall. 

Born in Hazen, North Dakota,. Weinand graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2016. At Franciscian, Dr. Jonathan Sanford, the president of UD, was her philosophy professor. 

After graduation, Weinand did three years of missionary work with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, FOCUS, at the University of Idaho.  

In 2019, Weinand left Idaho and moved to Ontario, Canada where she lived with a Catholic community for most of the pandemic. Then she came back to North Dakota in 2020 and worked at a greenhouse during the summer. 

She was encouraged to move to Dallas by her best friend who also began to work at UD. Although she initially declined, Weinand later changed her mind and moved to Irving.  

“I looked into a few places in Irving and I thought, why don’t I just look into UD because I had always thought about residence life anyways, so I just happened to look and that day they had posted this job position and it seemed like a really good option and opportunity for me,” Weinand said.

 “I enjoy working with college students and that’s what drew me back to being in a university setting,” she added. 

According to Dr. Gregory Roper, the interim dean of students, Weinand was a good fit for UD.  “We were looking for a bipedal protoplasm-based humanoid life form, and of all the candidates we interviewed, Ms. Weinand was the least unlike that description of any other,” he said.

Roper also added that the school and OSA has been enormously blessed to add Weinand to the team. “She brings a mature thoughtfulness, a deep understanding of students’ needs, and tremendous prudent judgment to her job.  I would think young women in particular will benefit enormously from her steady and wise help,” he said. 

Weinand elaborated on her experience working with UD as a staff member of the Office of Student Affairs and as a residence coordinator for Clark Hall. 

“Coming out of the pandemic, and also a new president [at UD], it’s an interesting time. I have noticed that people are really friendly and eager to be here,” Weinand said. “It is an exciting time to be here and there [are] a lot of good things happening with UD.”

“Bethany is a cross between a labradoodle and a shark. She is fantastic to work with and I’m excited to work with her more in the future,” said junior history major Joseph Bremer, one of the resident assistants in Clark Hall. 

Weinand shared her future expectations for the students and also resident life on campus. 

She said, “I really hope that we could build a Catholic community that is service oriented. I also want to be able to cultivate a place that feels like home to people where it’s their home away from home but there’s an ownership and responsibility of seeing this as my home.” 

“These are my brothers and sisters and we can watch out for each other and be friends and cultivate what the core of UD is — friendship and virtue and whatever else can help us accomplish our end.”

Weinhard is excited to work at UD and strengthen the community in Clark. If students are interested in talking to her, her office can be found in the Office of Student Affairs on the second floor of the Haggar University Center. 


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