Medical censorship and the COVID-19 vaccines


The United States’ approach to handling COVID-19 is not balanced nor does it orient itself towards the patient’s best interest, since doctors have not been using available drugs to treat symptoms of the virus for patients at home and in hospitals.

Dr. Peter A. McCullough, a cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist, who has testified before Congress twice and gained national attention for his extensive work in treating COVID-19 patients, honored UD with a well-attended talk on Sept. 22. Dr. William Stigall, pediatrician and bioethicist at Cook Children’s Medical Center and UD adjunct professor of philosophy, offered a response to McCullough.

McCullough expressed concern about the lack of COVID-19 treatments, the potential risks of the new vaccines and the medical censorship and coercion.

McCullough called American doctors’ failure to treat symptoms of the virus “therapeutic nihilism.” McCullough has teamed up with other doctors to treat COVID-19 patients with a combination of drugs, including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. 

 The lack of objective clinical trials and lack of an external safety monitoring board for the COVID-19 vaccines constitute an unprecedented blunder in the medical field. McCullough explained, “We always have external bodies as a mechanism of unbiased people because you can imagine how biased the CDC and the FDA [are] for a successful program — just like the pharmaceutical companies.”

The CDC and FDA are now recommending COVID-19 vaccines for the types of individuals who are always excluded from clinical trials, such as pregnant women.

This is concerning, especially for women of child-bearing potential. McCullough cited a Japanese study of the mRNA vaccines on rats which showed that lipid nanoparticles produced by the vaccine hyper-concentrate in the ovaries of animals, and likely in human ovaries as well.

“We know the spike protein circulates in the body for two weeks after the first shot of messenger RNA. There have been no genotype studies,” McCullough said. 

“We don’t know if it changes genetic information in the human body. We don’t know if it causes birth defects or cancer.”

McCullough cited the CDC database, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS, according to which there have been 14,506 vaccine-related deaths as of Sept. 9 and over 5,000 cases of Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

These cases, most of them reported by doctors, have been investigated by the CDC and assigned permanent numbers in the database, McCullough said. 

It is common knowledge that the new COVID-19 vaccines are dubitably effective in preventing variants of the virus, as evidenced by the Delta variant. Natural immunity is the best solution for containing COVID-19 for if vaccines still allow breakthrough cases, there is no other end in sight. 

McCullough fears that medical censorship over anything contrary to the COVID-19 vaccine agenda is sucking “the lifeblood of medical science.”

He said, “We’re losing our medical freedom. That’s related to a circle of social freedom. When we break the circle of social freedom, that’s related to the circle of economic freedom.”

McCullough’s contract with the Baylor University Medical Center was terminated with no explanation given last January.  McCullough had served as vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center for six years. 

 Despite a lawsuit from Texas healthcare giant Baylor Scott  and White, aimed at preventing McCollough from associating himself with his former employer, McCullough continues to promote COVID-19 treatment and vaccine safety — at great personal risk.

In response to McCullough, Stigall said,“Dr. McCullough is on to something [but] there’s a lot of complexity and nuance that needs to color these discussions.”

According to Stigall, the COVID-19 vaccines must be safe since Pfizer is working with the FDA to design and test the vaccines.

Stigall compared the COVID-19 pandemic to the 1918 Spanish Flu, the deadliest pandemic in recent history, which killed 50 million people worldwide — between 3%-5% of the world’s population — and had a high mortality rate in healthy young people 20-40. 

During the Spanish Flu pandemic, there was widespread medical failure in treating the disease and medical censorship of those who opposed the harmful treatments.

However, the real reason for pandemics, Stigall said, is spiritual. He said, “The reason we’re in 1918 is because of those errors that were made in the 1500’s. The reason those errors were made in the 1500’s is Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3.”

While sin is truly the origin of our ills, God has given us means for treatment through the intellects of specialists like McCullough. 

Charity and standard medical practice demand that no person dies on the altar of corporate interests and “political correctness.” If the vaccines, while failing to prevent the virus, cause many patients to die from “side effects,” our medical authorities and “experts” are failing us.


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