The tee up


Every athletic team at UD has its own unique culture. The UD golf team is perhaps the most mysterious athletic team of our institution. The golf team’s sense of mystery is not surprising considering their practices take place off campus and, for the most part, not many attend their tournaments. 

Throughout the years, the golf team has racked up wins and is the only athletic team to have won a SCAC championship. To commemorate the golf team’s 2019 championship win, the tower was illuminated in blue light for a week.

“I joined the golf program here at UD because I knew it was on the rise when I came in,” said senior Trey Schneider, the last remaining member from the championship team. “Now we’re currently inside the top 40 and still climbing up.  I was looking for a strong program with a bright future, and UD checked off all the boxes.”

The golf team is composed of 13 players: seven men and six women. They seem to be a close-knit family since they spend a majority of their time outside of class together. They spend most of their evenings practicing at the Las Colinas Country Club, perfecting their swings. 

“I think we’ve got something really special with the golf team because we’ve created a really cool family-like dynamic. I know when I go to practice and when we travel for tournaments I can always expect a fun time,” said Claire Kirby, a junior on the team.

The one thing that binds this family together is their love of golf and their passion to challenge themselves. They enjoy the mental drive it takes to compete in golf and the unique challenges it presents. 

“I love that it’s all up to you. You are the only one in control of your own game. I also love the passion and competitive nature it brings out of people,” said junior Mason Hitt.

All of UD will be cheering on the golf team as they aim for another championship win. Excitement is high this season now that athletics is coming back after the COVID-19 pause. After the two-year pause the pandemic caused, the golf team is returning, and they all remain optimistic about what this golf season will bring.

“The golf team at Dallas is young. With me being one of the 5 freshmen out of 7 male golfers, our team is very young. We have a lot of will and eagerness to do great things while we are all here. I think this golf team is ready to start hanging banners and making headlines soon! I know we can!” wrote freshman Rex Soulliere. 

UD’s culture of golf idealizes family. The team values what each player brings to the golf team and are founded on mutual respect for one another. 

The UD Golf program will be concluding their fall seasons at the first-ever UD hosted event, the Crusader Invitational at Winstar Golf Club in Thackerville, OK on October 18-19. Come out and support your fellow Crusaders as they search for their first wins of the 2021-2022 season!


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