“Candy Land” Charity Week set up for success


The tradition of Charity Week at the University of Dallas began in 1961 as a way for the students to help the community. This year, UD celebrates its 62nd Charity Week, featuring the theme “Candy Land.” 

Marissa Brown, director of student activities, has coordinated Charity Week with the help of two junior co-chairs since 2013. Also a UD alumnus, Brown was involved in Charity Week every year during her undergraduate career. 

“Candy Land” Charity Week is chaired by business major Hannah Wilmes and history major Monnica Prudlo. 

“This is the first time we have had a free reign without any restrictions. I am really excited, it has been really hard for students to connect and I am excited to see us coming together for great causes,” said Wilmes. 

Both co-chairs are looking forward to bringing together not only the junior class, but the whole campus. 

“Last year had not only Rome semesters separating the juniors, but also COVID, so it’s a very good way to come together after the pandemic,” said Prudlo.  

The university allocates a small amount of money for the two junior class co-chairs to put on the events that happen during the week. 

The junior class picked Scotty’s House, a nonprofit child advocacy center, and Abel Speaks, a pro-life group, as the charities to support. Their goal is to exceed last year’s sum of $25,000. 

“My expectation is that we are able to raise money for a good cause and also the students are able to meet up and connect through this in a meaningful way,” said Brown.

“I am really excited for the community to come together for the first time after COVID,” said Wilmes. 


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