Powder Puff: a battle for the ages


This past Saturday featured the annual flag football matchup between the female upperclassmen and the lowerclassmen.

The lowerclassmen booted their offense from the field with a quick three-and-out. Taking possession, the upperclassmen executed an impressive touchdown drive and a two-point conversion. 

Determined to answer with a TD drive of their own, the lowerclassmen offense instead threw a pick-six.

Yikes. With only three total offensive drives, the scoreboard already read 14-0. 

Next drive, the lowerclassmen’s touchdown prayer was answered. 14-6 at halftime. 

The second half began with yet another upperclassmen touchdown drive, making the score 20-6. 

It was now imperative that the lowerclassmen score a touchdown. Determined, the offense converted a fourth down in midfield. 

The next play: Touchdown! Or was it? The head ref called the receiver out of bounds 15 yards from the goaline. However, the ref occupying the other sideline had called TD. What now? Also, it is worth noting that the head ref was on the upperclassmen sideline, while the ref calling TD was on the lowerclassmen sideline. In those immortal words: “Coincidence? I think NOT!” 

Yes, even in flag football there are going to be controversies and bad calls. What’s with this sport, man? The refs have more of an impact on the game than the players. But, I digress. 

Unfortunately, this crack squad of officials was unable to contact Gene Steratore, leaving the decision with the head ref. Amazingly, the play was called back to the 15-yard line.

Well, not a big deal right? Surely, they would score right? Wrong. Instead, another interception. The upperclassmen offense jubilantly took the field while their coaches slipped a few bills to the head ref — well, not really. The offense did take the field though. 

Shockingly, the upperclassmen were then picked off, giving the lowerclassmen another shot at a TD drive. But nope. The opposing defense greeted them warmly with a four-and-out.

With a chance to put this game away for good, the upperclassmen decided instead to throw an interception. A silly decision. However, the head ref immediately came to the rescue of his team, I mean the upperclassmen, by calling the pass incomplete. 

The lowerclassmen sideline erupted in boos and hat slammings, and the lowerclassmen coaches charged over to “chat” with the ref. Words were exchanged and the call was overturned. Perhaps 20s were offered instead of 10s, but this reporter is not one to speculate.  

Sadly, the reversal of the call didn’t matter because the lowerclassmen offense couldn’t find their groove. The ball returned to the upperclassmen via turnover on downs.

Realizing that they had created enough drama, the upperclassmen decided to try and finish their opponent off by extending their lead with another TD. 26-6. Yes, only one two-point conversion was converted all day. 

With the afternoon waning, the perseverant lowerclassmen put one last drive together that proved unsuccessful. Game, set, match. Wait, that’s tennis. Game. Your final score: 26-6. Cheers all around on the upperclassmen sideline. 

This was bordering on absolute domination, but you have to hand it to the lowerclassmen. They didn’t give up. Yeah, the refs weirded things out, but hey, that’s to be expected in any type of football game. And for those of you counting at home, yes, the amount of interceptions and offensive scores were the same. Good game, good weekend, good stuff. 


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