A sweet success: UD’s 2021 Candyland-themed Charity Week


As one of the most beloved University of Dallas traditions, Charity Week is hosted by the junior class every year in the fall semester. Juniors gather funds for non-profit organizations by arranging unique events and sales for UD students, faculty and staff. This year, from Oct. 18-23, UD became a colorful landscape for Charity Week — a homage to the childhood game “Candyland.”

“It is a really good opportunity to not only raise money for charity but also to reconnect the junior class back together after our Rome semesters,” said Monnica Prudlo, a junior history major with an Italian concentration. During the spring of 2021, the junior class nominated Prudlo and junior business major Hannah Wilmes as the co-chairs of Charity Week. 

At the beginning of the organization process, Wilmes and Prudlo sent out a list of some of their favorite charities for the junior class to sponsor; the ones chosen were “Abel Speaks” and “Scotty’s House.” 

“Abel Speaks” is a pro-life group that supports families who wish to carry crisis pregnancies through full term by providing different sorts of resources. On the other hand, “Scotty’s House” is an organization that partners with Child Protective Services and law enforcement to assist individuals in domestic abuse situations. It also offers them temporary housing and other resources to help them recover and regain stability.

Upon discussing the theme ideas for the week, Prudlo and Wilmes wished to keep the week colorful and nostalgic; thus, they stumbled upon the classic Candyland theme. Beyond the delectable decorations, several of the traditional Charity Week events were also highlighted, such as the Jail, Bake Sale, Talent Show, Quizbowl, Karaoke TGIT, Silent Auction Rome Photo Booth, CHAOS, Senior Reception, Scavenger Hunt, 5K race, Powderpuff and Silent Auction. 

Some new events included in the list were the Candy Slots and the Professor Panel. Candy Slots gave students a chance to send candy to friends’ mailboxes — all the while entering into a chance to win a  $25, $50 or $100 Capp Bar Voucher. Each slot could be for $5 at the Mall. 

The Professor Panel held on Monday, Oct. 18, entertained students with an AMA and a debate between the UD professors. Questions cost $2 and jumping the line cost $5.

Though it is not a new event for the upperclassmen, the tuck-ins finally made an appearance after being restricted due to the pandemic.

Upon reaching the end of Charity Week, both Wilmes and Prudlo felt relieved from its stresses but fulfilled from its rewards. As certain credit transactions have yet to come to fruition, it is unclear whether or not the junior class has exceeded its goal to obtain $25,000 in funds. However, according to Wilmes, the amount has been confirmed to surpass $22,000.

As UD sets its sights on another successful Charity Week in 2022, Wilmes shared wisdom for the next junior class. She said: “[E]mbrace it. The more you put into the more you will get out of it. I was able to get a lot closer with people in my class that I wouldn’t have talked to if it wasn’t for this week, and I am extremely grateful for it.”


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