Trinity knocks Lady Crusaders out of SCAC


Nov. 5 saw an exciting game for the University of Dallas. For the first time in a long time, the campus hosted the SCAC tournament. Our Lady Crusaders were in the playoffs and looked like strong contenders to place. In a hard-fought game on Friday, Nov. 5, the Lady Crusaders lost to the Trinity Tigers 2-0, officially ending the fall 2021 season. 

The build-up to the tournament saw UD crushing Centenary College in their last home game 3-0 on Halloween. Hopeful that the Lady Crusaders would channel the momentum from that win into the SCAC semi-finals, the campus eagerly turned their eyes to the top field on Friday night, Nov. 5. 

Leading up to the tournament, Kaitlyn Cline, a sophomore forward, could barely quell her excitement saying: “This season I felt very confident in our team. With the incoming freshmen playing so well and the returning members working so hard as well, I have nothing but optimism and confidence for this year’s season. No matter the outcome, I am proud of this team and will always remember this season specifically.”

Additionally, the coaching staff was thrilled that the Lady Crusaders had the opportunity to show off the skills they have honed during this past season. 

Prior to the game, Coach Lexi Stinson stated that she expected Trinity to play great as they always do, have a good, aggressive offense by applying pressure, and move the ball well.

Stinson had nothing but respect for Trinity saying, “They are going to make us play our best, they are going to be a tough opponent.” In light of all this, however, she remained confident that our Lady Crusaders would hold their own and emerge victorious.

This is not the first time our Lady Crusaders have made it into the SCAC tournament, this being their fourth consecutive year. This is the first time since 2015 that University of Dallas has hosted the SCAC tournament, and the long-missed home advantage spelled excitement for the Friday night game.

“I’m really proud of them and proud for them that they set the tone and made this a normal thing each year,” Coach Stinson said in response to the Lady Crusaders fourth consecutive year playing in the SCAC playoffs. 

The Lady Crusaders went into the semi-finals with a nice win streak going for them after their tie game with Southwestern University and their subsequent victories over St. Thomas and Centenary College of Louisiana. 

On Friday, the starting line-up for the Lady Crusaders consisted of Alyssa Mencacci, Kaitlyn Vess, Claire Reed, May Lien Le, Avery Seamen, Maddie Rodriguez, Andrea Coppi, Kaitlyn Cline, Michelle Macintyre, Britney Zapata and Bekah Gonzalez. 

At 40:41 of the first half, the Trinity Tigers were awarded a penalty kick that resulted in the first goal of the game. That did not deter our Lady Crusaders who continued to apply the pressure. However, with 10 minutes left off the first half the Trinity Tigers scored another goal leaving the score at 2-0 at the end of the first half. Though our Lady Crusaders put on a valiant effort in the second half, the game unfortunately ended 2-0, with the Trinity Tigers cinching the win. 

The loss against Trinity spelled the end for the Lady Crusader’s fall 2021 season, with the team having the highest winning percentage, .594, in a full season since 2012. 

We are excited to see what Our Lady Crusaders do next season, and although we share their disappointment at the result of Friday’s game, we congratulate them on a hard-fought season. Go Crusaders!


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