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Casting complete for University of Dallas drama department’s presentation of “16670” (Maximilian Mary Kolbe) By Erik Ehn directed by Gillian Jones 

Erik Ehn’s “16670” (Maximilian Mary Kolbe), slated to open Dec. 2, features junior John Blonigen as the saint himself, alongside senior David Huner as Zymunt, freshman Benjamin Thomas as Francis Gajowniczek, sophomore Mary Faith Ulery as the Facilitator, and junior Mary Traylor as Mary. Freshmen Camila Rodrigeuz and Sarah Rondeau round out the cast as a pair of angels in this enigmatic exploration of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s martyrdom and the trauma of the man who set it into motion.

One of hundreds in Catholic playwright Erik Ehn’s ongoing series “The Saint Plays,” “16670” presents an “exploded biography” of Kolbe, jumbled together with one of his fellow priests and prisoners in Auschwitz, a man named Zymunt. Though it has been decades since the Holocaust and Zymunt’s “divorce” from the Church, he remains in a state of spiritual and emotional desolation. As Zymunt reckons with the demons in his distant past, his memories become intertwined with Kolbe’s phenol-induced martyr visions.

The design team includes Loretta Bond, costumes, Phoebe Jones, sets, Grace Morris, props, Josef Mora, lighting, and Abigail Malone, sound. The team will work under production stage manager Maylis Quesnel and assistant stage manager Olivia Flores.

The University of Dallas drama department and senior drama major Robert Baxley proudly announce the cast for its production of “The Lord’s Prayer.”

“1871. Paris, France. A city at war with itself. The river runs red with blood. And one woman, Rose, finds herself in a pit of spiritual darkness after her brother, a well-known Catholic priest, is murdered by a group of rebels. Now Rose must battle her personal demons on a spiritual journey that will lead her to the thing she hates most in this world.”

“The Lord’s Prayer” opens on Thursday, Dec. 2 at the University of Dallas Drama Building, and runs through Sunday, Dec. 5. This run includes two evening performances and one matinée performance.

The production features Alice Forget as Mademoiselle Rose, Caroline Kurdi as Zélee, Eoin O’Grady as The Curé, Ben Thomas as Jacques le Roux, Marcelle Van de Voorde as Mère Blanche, and Ben Simansky as The Officer. 

The design team includes David Huner as set designer, Kieren Teh as lighting designer, Abby Malone as sound designer, Jack Urbanski as costume designer, and Dalayna Marji as props master.

Forget, O’Grady, and Thomas are making their drama department debut. They are joining a cast of veterans of the drama department. Kurdi is a senior drama major, Simansky is a senior and Van de Voorde is a sophomore. All three have been involved in drama department productions since their freshman years. O’Grady and Kurdi also  performed in the Fall Mainstage, “Comedy of Errors,” and Kurdi will also be designing for “The Roadhouse in Arden” and stage managing “Miss Julie.” 

“The Lord’s Prayer” will be directed by Baxley, a senior drama major who is also working towards his Master of the Arts in teaching through the university’s 4+1 Program. He has been involved in mainstages, studios and after hours productions since his freshman year as an actor, designer and now as a director. 
Positions for running crew, dressing crew, board operators, ushers and house managers are still available for students who are interested in participating in the drama department this semester. Those interested in these positions should contact Professor Kyle Lemieux at klemieux@udallas.edu or any of the four senior directors.

University of Dallas drama department announces complete casting & design team for fall 2021 senior studio production of “The Roadhouse in Arden.”

Written by Philip Moeller, Directed by Clare Lindgren

Senior drama major Clare Lindgren announces the cast for her senior studio production, “The Roadhouse in Arden.” Casting includes University of Dallas students Braden Barber, Jacob Epler, Phoebe Jones, Susan Meland, John Mihaliak and Christopher Young.

The design team includes Caroline Kurdi as scenic designer, Jack Urbanski as costume designer, Arianna Rudorf as sound designer, Sienna Abbott as lighting designer and Chloe Shearer as props designer.

“The Roadhouse in Arden” will open on Thursday, Dec. 2, at the University of Dallas Drama Building, and will run through Sunday, Dec. 5. This run will include two evening performances and one matinée performance.

“The Roadhouse in Arden” is a delightful and irreverent comedy in which the worlds of fiction and fantasy collide with history as Sir William Shakespeare stumbles upon his own Shakespearan characters living in the forest of Arden. As Shakespeare and his rival Sir Francis Bacon pursue the allusive Mistress Immortality, they match wits with Robin Goodfellow (A.K.A. Puck) in order to find and win the heart of the priceless Mistress Immortality.

“The Roadhouse in Arden” premiered on Broadway in 1915, where it played in repertory with Moeller’s “Helena’s Husband,” Maeterlinck’s “Interior,” Gerstenberg’s “Overtones” and De Musset’s “Whims.” 

Three new faces at UD, Meland, Mihaliak and Barber, join “The Roadhouse in Arden” cast. Barber also performed in the mainstage, “Comedy of Errors.” 

Epler is a Braniff graduate student pursuing his interest in theatre. Jones, a junior mathematics and Italian major, has been involved in the drama department throughout the past two years. Young, a senior philosophy major with a drama concentration, has also been involved in the drama department throughout his four years at UD.

Lindgren, a psychology and drama double major, is excited to direct her senior studio this fall. She has worked in the drama department since 2018 as an actor, once as a stage manager and recently as a director.  She has previously directed and produced a dramatic reading of “A Man For All Seasons” as an after-hours production at UD in 2019.

Positions for running crew, dressing crew, board operators, ushers and house managers are still available for students who are interested in participating in the drama department this semester. Those interested in these positions should contact Professor Kyle Lemieux at klemieux@udallas.edu or any of the senior drama majors.


Tickets and performance schedules will become available on the UD drama department website on Monday, Nov. 29.

Acting company finalized for August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie,” directed by Charlie Mihaliak

The drama department at the University of Dallas, and senior director Charlie Mihaliak, are thrilled to announce the completed acting company in the department’s upcoming production of “Miss Julie” by August Strindberg. 

In the role of Julie, Lynley Glickler will return to the stage for her most iconic role to date. Promising newcomer Braden Barber is taking on the role of Jean. Rounding out the cast, Faith Berry brings her sincerity and track record of excellence to the role of Christine. 

“Unique, dangerous and unapologetic” was director Charlie Mihaliak’s description of his upcoming production of Strindberg’s timeless masterpiece. A play that has been chased by controversy and criticism since its inception, “Miss Julie” is a work that continues to demand attention and warrant conversation. The world in which this production will reside is one of surreal familiarity and it promises an experience that will enthrall, delight and challenge audiences.

The creative team for this project includes Phoebe Boomershine, costume design, Clare England, set design, Cecilia Joseph, lighting design, and Rose Wingert, prop design. Seasoned veteran Caroline Kurdi will complement this cohort as stage manager.

Who: University of Dallas drama department

What: “Miss Julie” by August Strindberg, trans. by Michael Meyer, directed by Charlie Mihaliak

When: Four performances from December 2-5 

Where: University of Dallas, Drama Building, 1845 E Northgate Drive, Dallas, Texas 75062
Tickets: Performances are open to the public and free of charge. Reservations can be made through the drama department of University of Dallas. Ticketing information will be forthcoming. 

Reach out to klemieux@udallas.edu for additional information. 


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