BannerWeb’s delinquencies cause stressful nights of registration


Registration night was very difficult for many students due to stress and things not going exactly how they planned. Classes filled up fast and Banner Web failed to work to perfection. UD students were buzzing with mixed emotions: nervousness, anxiety, fear and hope as they tried to clench the right teachers and the right times.

Everyone was staying up late in the evening to beat the crowd with registration opening up at 12:01 a.m. Fingers, ready to type in the CRNs as fast as they could, were trembling on their keyboards ready to type everything out, and test their luck in mere seconds.

Aarrod Firouzbakht, a freshman majoring in mathematics, said, “I was having anxiety thinking, ‘Oh my God, am I going to get in my class?’ knowing that I recommended my favorite teacher to a bunch of people, and knowing that they probably would take the class before me.”

Firouzbakht luckily got all the classes he wished for, but some others were not so fortunate. 

Claire Ortwerth, a freshman English and computer science double major, was not able to register for all her classes due to technical difficulties. “I didn’t get into a class that I need to take next semester that I need to graduate because my internet freaked out at the last second and BannerWeb was actually down,” she said. 

“It would ask me to sign in, I would sign in, it would tell me I did it wrong,” she said. “It kept taking me to a[n] HTML format that just didn’t work. It was nonsense.”

Ortwerth said that these problems were not limited to herself. “In our Jerome group chat, everyone was super freaked out. So many people couldn’t get on. So many people had to go ask the RAs for help,” she said. “I know some people got through it all, but not all.”

Peter James, a freshman majoring in economics, said: “Oh yeah, so I couldn’t get into one of my classes because it filled up in 20 seconds. I was really scared! I was stressed!”

Phil Volkhert, a senior majoring in business, said, “It was funny because you get so excited to go after these classes, and to get them and be the first one to sign up for them because it’s pretty hard to get a few classes.”

Problems with BannerWeb’s lack of response created even more stress for the seniors trying to plan their much-anticipated last semester of college. Many did not know when it would start working again and gave up waiting.

Volkert said: “We have a whole senior group chat that was just going around and nobody could get in. It was tough to not be able to get in right away but it was funny too. You get blocked, you think that you’re the only one, and then you find out from like two texts later like, oh, I can’t get in — and then you see other people can’t get in.”

BannerWeb was unresponsive until later that night, almost an hour after it was originally set up to open. 

Volkert said, “I was just up at 12:45 still talking in the group chat and stuff like that, having a good time with whoever else is a senior, and so I registered that night, but it was a little later.”

Sheila Howard, the assistant dean for Constantin College, sent in a notice to IT Support and they fixed the problem quickly —students were able to register the same night.

Blake Palmer, the director of information systems, said, “I’m thankful that she sent that out and she was trying to stay on top of it.”

Palmer said, “I would encourage all students to reach out to me through that’s the way that we find out.”

After the problem was fixed, the seniors registered as fast as they could.

Volkhert said, “A few people knew, and then it got to more people, and it grew really quickly that you could get back in.”

Luckily, Volkert got all his classes and, in his opinion, the old BannerWeb platform helped him do so.

For most students, it was a very stressful night, but for the ROTC freshmen they didn’t have to worry too much. Since ROTC cadets were able to register at the same time as the seniors did, they didn’t have to worry about classes filling up since they were a select few who could register for the freshman classes that were available.

Santiago McMunn, an ROTC freshman and history major said, “Once I got my PIN number from the registrar, I got all the teachers and classes I wanted at the best times.” 

The excitement surrounding registration night is something that all UD students will keep in their hearts as a memorable night for good or worse.


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