The road to the championship


Basketball season is finally here! The Crusaders kicked off their season on Nov. 4 against Rhodes College. Their first four games were on the road while their Nov. 27 game against Hendrix College kicked off their home season. While away, the Crusaders won two and lost two games. But their luck is poised to change.
The first home game was Saturday, Nov 27, against Hendrix College, the second is Tuesday, Nov. 30 against Arlington Baptist College, and the third is Wednesday, Dec. 8 against Centenary College.
This is the second time our men’s basketball team has faced off against Hendrix College this season.
The game against Hendrix College was on Nov 13. Our Crusaders lost with the final score of 78-59. Our big scorers that game were sophomore Marcus Juarez and senior Cameran Hyde with 13 and 12 points respectively. Senior Letrell Toussaint led the team in rebounds, putting up 12.
The second time UD played Hendrix College on Nov 27, the advantage of the home court was not enough to secure the win. UD lost to the Warriors 91-73.
So far, the Crusaders have not played a conference game, so their current record of 2-3 will not block our basketball team from going to the championship. The three losses so far will not deter our Crusaders from their goal of being champions.
Prior to Saturday’s game, senior Uniikye Washington said: “We’ve seen progress, even through the two losses that we’ve had. We have a very cohesive unit. Everyone’s strengths definitely compliment everyone else’s weaknesses and that’s a good thing to see from your team.”
He is by no means satisfied with the way things have gone, but he is not dwelling on it. He, along with his teammates, plan on getting stronger and working towards more wins. This is only the beginning.
The first Conference game for our men’s basketball team will take place at home on Dec. 8, and the team is gearing up for it.
Though Washington recognizes the rough start with the two losses, he chalks them up to strokes of bad luck. He believes once the team gets more comfortable in the groove of things, they’ll be an unstoppable force.
“I definitely see us being contenders for our conference championship,” Washington said. “The team we have is definitely strong enough to win the championship.”
The road to the championship is never easy, but I believe in our Crusaders. Once the conference season begins, I believe we will see them start to gain momentum. This season, I hope UD will show support and cheer them on. Join Blue Crew, attend the basketball games, and show our Crusaders that we are here to support them!


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