Wi-Fi quality in Braniff


The Wi-Fi speed and reliability in the Braniff Graduate School has been a topic of much discussion this semester. Some students and faculty have reported slow speeds and poor reliability while others have had no issues. 

Junior education major Alexandria Cristan, who has the bulk of her classes in the basement of Braniff, noted that the internet is often slow and the computer inefficient. “We have several computers and scanners and none of them work efficiently. They are all very slow, especially the professor computer,” she said. 

The slow internet speeds have also affected classes in the basement of Braniff. Cristan said, “I once had class that did not start until 30-40 minutes past starting time because my professor could not get the computer to work and was extremely slow.”

Despite complaints from some students, the university’s IT department has no record of any issues with the Wi-Fi in Braniff and, in a message to The University News, encouraged anyone experiencing issues to file a helpdesk ticket so that it can be addressed. 

Malik Dulaney of IT Infrastructure Management said: “To date, we have not received any helpdesk tickets related to this. However, we will look further into this to determine if there is a problem with the wireless equipment in that area.”

Fr. Thomas Esposito, O.Cist., assistant professor of theology, stated he had not experienced any significant difficulty with the Wi-Fi. He said, “I can recall one or two days of spotty Wi-Fi in my office, but I have not been overly disgruntled by it.” Most of the staff in Braniff seems relatively unaffected by internet connectivity issues.

Dr. Jonathan Culp, director of international studies and associate professor of politics, stated that he has not had much difficulty with the Wi-Fi in Braniff over the course of the semester, but does recall that it was down for a short time. 

Culp said, “As I recall, the WiFi was out for maybe a day early in the semester when the entire server was down in my part of Braniff.  Since it lasted for only a day and there’s a lot of work that I do that doesn’t require internet access, it didn’t really affect me that much.” 

Since then, Culp stated he has not noticed any problems with the Wi-Fi in Braniff, but that he tends to use a wired connection when in his office. “When I am on campus, I don’t use WiFi.  I plug directly into the network. I sign my phone onto WiFi but don’t really use it much,” he said.

In a message to The University News, Dr. Tiffany Miller, associate professor of politics, stated that she remembers having some difficulty only with printing. She said, “I recall one day where I was unable to print anything all day long. This would have been a bigger issue had I not already printed off the lecture notes I needed that day.” 

Assistant affiliate professor of politics Dr. Kimberley Burns stated, “I’ve never had a problem with the wifi in Braniff.” Although some students have had connectivity issues with the Braniff Wi-Fi, it seems most professors have had no major issues with it.


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