Groundhog Day festivities return


The University of Dallas is holding its annual Groundhog celebration on Feb. 5. The event that was downsized last year is coming back in full force this coming weekend. Multiple school events take place throughout the day and culminate at night with music, unlimited food and drinks. 

The event that started as a student-led celebration 59 years ago has morphed into a school-led festival. Sports and Symposium talks take over the day, culminating in the evening with the Party in the Park.

This year the school has booked three bands to fill the night with good vibes. S’mores, firepits and cornhole will also entertain the crowd.

Julianne Wheeler, Campus Activities Board intern and senior business major, said:“2 of the 3 bands are student bands. They both played during Fall Fest’s Battle of the Bands. Broken Strings is a more traditional Irish band that will be opening, followed by our Battle of the Bands winner Screwtop. Finally, The Wonderfuls, a local Dallas favorite, will be headlining.”

A big highlight of the night for upperclassmen, as well as for a few of the alumni that will be flying in for the event, is the unlimited beer that will be provided by local Deep Ellum Brewery. 

Wheeler said: “We will be serving Deep Ellum’s flagship beer, Dallas Blonde, and their Easy Peasy IPA. We will also offer Woodchuck cider as our gluten-free alternative.”

Food will also be unlimited coming in hot with many comfort food selections, including brats, hamburgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, homestyle beans and s’mores.

The excitement around the Party in the Park has already gained a lot of commotion. According to Wheeler, there were almost 1000 tickets presale purchased and there are 1000 alloted to sell during Groundhog week. 

Wheeler said, “We are expecting a high turnout this year since Groundhog was downsized last year. That’s why we chose to offer so many tickets this year.”

When asked if he’s excited for the event Santiago McMunn, a freshman history major, said: “It’s Groundhog, I’ve never been, and it’s supposed to be a huge party. I mean it better be fun, I paid 45 bucks.”

The enthusiasm that has been building up among all the freshmen is that it’s the biggest event at the school and that almost everyone is going.

Jonathan Goodwin, a freshman philosophy major, said, “I expect there to be a lot of drinking, that I won’t be partaking in, but I feel like it’s a great event to meet people and converse with new faces.”

Wheeler said that both ticket sales and will call for presale tickets will be in Upstairs Haggar from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4. The details for the three different ticket tiers can be found on the UD website. 

Wheeler said, “A popular choice among alumni and of-age undergraduates, the Tower Ticket provides a Groundhog experience with some extra perks!”


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