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This season, UD’s Blue Crew has turned out in force to Crusader games, giving our student athletes a welcome boost in morale and spirit. 

Senior history major and basketball player Cameran Hyde explained the atmosphere Blue Crew brings to games. He said: “They brought a lot of energy, and the atmosphere they brought, they just made you want to play harder. They felt like they were just as passionate about the game as you were.”

The student-led Blue Crew recently attended the basketball team’s home game versus Colorado College on Jan. 28, and the Crusaders walked away with a needed conference win. 

Junior business major and basketball player Max Lange described the energy created by Blue Crew’s presence at the game. He said, “They [Blue Crew] were practically in the huddle on the bench, it was pretty cool to be there, and having them high five guys as they [came] off the court, even from the stands because they were so hyped up and so leaning over so far.”

Emily Reiter, a senior politics major and Blue Crew Co-President, related a memorable event from the game. “There was one time where the team went for a huddle, and as they came together to break before they returned to the game, the Blue Crew members joined in with raised fists to cheer them on.”

She went on to point out that “the energy on the sidelines was amazing and reminded us of what Blue Crew is about: supporting from the sidelines while feeling included in unity.”

Hyde noticed how Blue Crew affected the team’s performance at the same game. He said, “School spirit interacts with sports, I feel like they’re intertwined because you go to a lot of other schools in our conference and their gyms are real dead.” 

There are typically very few spectators at away games and the games are mostly silent, although that isn’t the case here at UD. Hyde continued: “You come to the Maher Center, and then you have the Blue Crew there, and they give the edge to us a lot. When we have energy, they have energy, when we’re down, they’re still trying to pick us up.”

If you’re interested in joining Blue Crew, ask around. There’s a GroupMe where the club keeps its members updated on big games, various sports events and coach initiatives. 

Blue Crew has attended the men’s and women’s basketball home games against Colorado College and St. Thomas University respectively, as well as the Groundhog weekend rugby game. 

Reiter said, “We were very appreciative of the students that reached out to tell us what our presence meant to the team and UD as a whole. Students are always happy to celebrate our student athletes, and we try to be as interactive with them as possible in our attendance and support in general, but also specifically with our social outreach.”

It’s great to see the enthusiasm that Blue Crew inspires, both in the spectators and in the athletes. If you haven’t yet experienced a Blue Crew game, get out there and attend one! You won’t regret it.

Emily Grant contributed to this article.


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