Humans of UD: Sam Masri


If you’ve walked by the tables outside Braniff, you’ve probably seen Sam Masri more than once, either studying or enjoying a good conversation. 

Masri is a senior biology major who is the third child in a family of nine, and he hails from Monett, Missouri. He credits his big family and his hometown as contributing to his outlook and character. 

In high school, he was part of an award-winning dairy cattle judging team through Future Farmers of America. His team placed first in the state of Missouri, third at nationals and competed internationally in Scotland and Luxembourg. 

“I peaked in high school,” Masri laughed. 

Though he knew he could have studied agriculture at a university in Missouri, Masri was drawn to UD’s liberal arts education. 

“My two older siblings went here,” said Masri. “I had been really drawn to liberal arts. I didn’t know exactly what it all entailed, but I thought that the idea of Lit Trad and reading Aristotle was really, really interesting.”

Masri decided to give the biology major a try, since he was thinking of veterinary school after UD.

“I hated bio in high school,” said Masri. “I was thinking of large animal medicine, so I thought I’d give bio a second chance. Then I loved Gen Bio and I stuck with it.” 

For Masri, a liberal arts education and a biology degree go hand in hand to form a fuller picture of the world. 

“I think they interplay in the sense that a liberal arts education isn’t specifically for anything, [and]… biology is part of the way we understand the world. Of course, that’s at the heart of a liberal arts education, and so in that sense the two feed each other in the sense that they’re both investigating reality and what the human being’s role in that is.”

His Rome semester in the fall of 2019 was the highlight of Masri’s UD experience in a number of ways.

“The Rome semester was…you almost can’t isolate one of those classes, because they all go together. That was definitely the most impactful academic semester that I’ve had.”

Among Masri’s favorite memories from UD were the brandy cherries served at breakfast in Rome. 

“That was probably the highlight of my UD experience,” he said with a smile. 

After graduation, Masri plans on applying to medical school.  

When asked what he’d miss most about UD, Masri said, “Being able to just sit down by Braniff on a nice morning and drink coffee and have your work be reading.”

“The sacraments! Having such great access to the sacraments,” he continued. “Being able to go to daily Mass, that’s insane. That’s great. I will miss having the chapel.” 


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