We are all called to a vocation of love


Valentine’s Day has long been associated as the holiday for those in relationships. This holiday isn’t just a fancy date night. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for us to share our love in ways that are both romantic and non-romantic. 

Whether we express love toward our spouses, God, nature or our neighbors, we are all called to vocations of love, and now is the perfect opportunity to share it. 

For couples, this vocation of love is pretty obvious. In staying loyal, honest and dedicated while in a relationship, you respect not only your partner but also yourself. The best relationships are built on trust, and with trust comes the ability to grow in intimacy with each other. 

Relationships that lack these basic qualities also lack emotional intimacy and thus have no way to grow into fruitfulness. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share one-of-a-kind experiences  — such as a dinner date at a fancy restaurant — but also to reflect upon the foundations of one’s relationship and your dedication to each other.

For those that are single, a vocation of love can present itself through love for God, nature and community. By going to Mass, we partake in a sacramental love that surpasses all earthly counterparts. God’s love for us is unchanging and everlasting, and while relationships may come and go, His love will remain unconditional. 

Each celebration of the Mass allows us to relive this relationship between God and man. Additionally, we can show our respect for the beauty of nature by taking care of our environment and keeping the campus clean. 

Although one might not be in a romantic relationship currently, we are still called to love our neighbors as ourselves. It’s hard to resist spilling the tea, but avoiding gossip allows us to foster greater connections with other students. By not judging others, it becomes easier to make friends and to view them as our equals, even though we may not particularly get along with them. 

If you’re single, use this Valentine’s Day to spend time with Jesus — the perfect man for all the ladies reading this! — take a walk outside or schedule a galentine’s — or bro-entine’s —  celebration.

Lastly, we are called to love ourselves. While loving God and neighbor is at the heart of our vocation, we must remember to allow ourselves to accept the same love we offer to others. 

If you struggle with finding time for yourself, set aside an hour on Valentine’s Day to do an activity you love. Treat yourself to a coffee at the Cap Bar. Get together with a friend you’ve been thinking about lately. Setting aside time for ourselves is essential, especially when we’re constantly surrounded by essays and papers and presentations. 

Although Valentine’s Day has become a holiday dedicated to romance, it’s also a time to cultivate the other relationships in our lives. Not all of us are called to marriage, but we are all called to vocations of love.


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