Forever blue


Feb. 20 marked the end of an era for the University of Dallas men’s basketball team. They finished off their season and bid farewell to their five seniors and one graduate student. 

They donned their Crusader blue for the final time on the court against Trinity University. Though the game was lost, the memories will remain with them forever. 

Philip Ashton III, a graduate student on the team said: “UD basketball meant everything to me, these guys were the first people who didn’t doubt me coming out of high school, who actually wanted me to get better with them. So I’ll definitely miss my teammates the most.”

These sentiments were shared by the young men moving forward from the team. Cameran Hyde, a senior in the 4 +1 program, said: “ I feel like being part of UD basketball impacted me in that it has helped me in real life as well. Everyday you have to show up mentally and physically ready. I apply that to my everyday life off of the court and it has truly made me a much better version of myself.”

These men didn’t just create memories on the court, as they are more than teammates: they are friends. They enjoyed hanging out both off and on the court and created memories with each other that will last a lifetime.

Jacob Taylor, a senior business major, shared his favorite memory with the team, “We’d go to Coach Samples’ house to watch a basketball game and we’d eat burgers, but it’d eventually morph into us shooting each other with nerf guns.”

Uniikye Washington, a senior economics major, said, “My favorite memory was our last game that we played against Trinity, because even though we lost it really showed me how much of a family we are. Everyone was playing hard, especially our seniors, until the final buzzer and I knew it was a combined effort.” 

They will always be a part of the UD basketball legacy and they have a few words of wisdom for their underclassmen. 

Letrell Toussaint, a senior business major said, “Just have fun and enjoy the time you have.”

Jai Love, senior business major, left this parting advice: “Give it your all. Don’t leave any regrets or wishes and I promise you it’ll be an easier transition once that ball stops bouncing.”

We at UD bid them farewell and wish them nothing but the best as they all begin a new chapter of their lives. They gave us a brilliant run until the end. Once a Crusader always a Crusader, and they will forever bleed blue.


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