Determination in Lacrosse


The women’s lacrosse team at the University of Dallas is a story of determination and hope. These women have been improving this season and everyone at UD cheers them on as they continue their season.

Sophomore politics major Sophia Palafox shared her favorite lacrosse memory: “I really love all of our little funny moments on the field. We are usually really focused and serious, but occasionally someone will say something funny or make a funny noise and we all giggle together and those moments are always cute.”

Olivia Moore, sophomore, emulated this sentiment, saying, “My favorite memories are always our successful moments. I enjoy watching my teammates grow and helping each other grow together. Special moments like when teammates make their first goal and seeing their eyes light up. For example, in our game against Spalding, Olivia Conger scored her first goal and the three of us on the sidelines were warming up and ran back to the sideline to cheer her on and be her cheerleaders for her special moment.”

These women work hard and take their sport very seriously. They put their hearts into their sport, which is the most admirable quality an athlete can demonstrate. They embody the main principles of being a Lady Crusader. 

Sophomore Biology major, Angela Bawardi stated what she loved most about lacrosse and said: “It’s a very rewarding feeling and feels as though the team is my second family. We always have each other’s back on the field, and outside of practice.”

Teagan Walsh, sophomore biology major, said: “Being a part of the lacrosse team gives you a lot of responsibility. You have to be able to manage your day around practice and be able to communicate with your teammates and coaches. You also build many friendships with people you would have never met otherwise. A lot of the girls aren’t in the same friend groups but being a part of the team has allowed them to bond over the sport and create new relationships.”

Our lacrosse team is young and constantly looking to improve; they take the opportunity to watch other teams play. Senior psychology major Eli Padilla said: “Lacrosse is a fast playing sport which always keeps the adrenaline going, and it feels as though there are many sports combined into one. Also, the things lacrosse has taught me are going to stick with me for a lifetime. Lacrosse not only fueled the athleticism in me but has also taught me discipline, leadership, accountability and teamwork.”

Each woman puts their heart and soul into the team and they all stated that they look forward to winning more games and improving. 

To support the women’s lacrosse team, you can find their schedule on the UD athletics page. So come out and cheer on our Lady Crusaders!


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