Maher Gym to become study space


The athletes of UD welcome everybody to the gym! With the recent complaints of many students about lack of study spaces the UD athletes have gladly volunteered their space for students to use. The plans of converting the UD gym plan into a shared study space has been finalized and this was the best consensus we all could have come to. 

Way back now are the days where students have to choose between prioritizing studying or watching a game. On the UD bleachers cubicles will be installed, but no worries the design of the cubicles, though, will obscure a student’s view of other spectators and will keep the focus on the game. Power will also not be an issue, since they plan on having cables run along the entirety of the gym so that students can stay plugged in. 

John Paul II, graduate theology major, said, “I’m so excited to be able to study our Lord and Savior whilst also praying for our Basketball team to Our Lady of Victory. This helps me participate in school functions, while also prioritizing Jesus ”

The gym is not the only area getting a makeover, the athletics training room will also be outfitted in order to accept students looking to study. In their effort to prioritize stressed students all the exercise equipment has been moved to the athletic training room and the exercise room now is purely a study space. 

Thomas Aquinas, senior philosophy major, said, “I love how the community of UD has gathered around to help solve this problem of the study spaces. It’s a great show of helping lend a hand to your fellow man.”

The athletes of UD have been nothing short of ecstatic of the recent developments and in fact look forward to the renovations being completed. There have only been 4 athlete injuries since the start of the renovations. Diana Tarausi, Paul Pierce, Karch Kiraly and Jordan Larson, just to name a few.

Diana Taurasi, senior business major on the women’s basketball team said, “Even if the lights flicker and their are electrical cords all over the court, I see it as a show of determination that we are helping our fellow students be able to prioritize their studying, even if we as a team have to get a little used to the tight squeeze”

In an effort to show just how excited they are to share the space, the athletes have even threatened to not play at all next year. So next time you see a student athlete on the mall be sure to sign their cast and say thank you!


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